Tatiana Seviarynets: God grant that jailers have a conscience

Mother of the political prisoner Pavel Sevyarinets Tatiana very pleased that Liabedzka at large, it is hoped that will free her and her son.

"In general, do not know why ethe man sitting there. Thus, it is unknown which sit all the rest. When it was the turn Liabedzka released, thank God …

When I heard the news, then something in me pashavyalilasya: maybe, and Paul released? But it is unlikely. Very sternly to him there are: no meetings, no permit, no priest is not allowed. Now there is an intensive reading of the case, every day Paul met with them. So I think that soon will be a trial. And what about the freedom to say? .. God forbid that they have recovered and woke up all those who keep our people behind bars, conscience and reason, a sense of compassion and self-respect at all, knowing that they do not understand that. This hopefully, I pray for it every day . "

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