Tatiana Seviarynets: The police apologized and returned the flag

Vitebsk activist, was invited to the First District Police Department, "to return the confiscated property to the Day of Freedom."

Tatiana Seviarynets reported that the site gave her a white-red-White Flag, called on March 25. On that day, she was detained at the bus stop when it ruled on the flower-laying ceremony at the monument to Vladimir Korotkevich yes plaque Vasily Bykov. An activist held in police custody three hours saying that it is similar to the perpetrator in Vitebsk series of burglaries.

April 6 employees Pershamaiski police department apologized to the activist for his "suspicion".

Seviarynets: "When I asked why they invented it all to stop me, I said," That's an order, you yourself understand everything! "


Vitebsk, activists

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