Tatiana Seviarynets: Yes, they do nothing to blame

Mother of Paul Sevyarinets commented the news that her son put a lighter charge. From prison to the street Akrestin to freedom Ivashkevich and Ivan Shyla. Why is the first of those convicted in the Dec. 19 Basil Parfiankou still hold to the "Volodarka?" 5 more participants Square accused of involvement in the riots.

Tatiana Seviarynets no secret: it is contradictory reacted to news that the son of Paul and three other prisoners softened charge and now instead of 15 years, they face a maximum of three years for allegedly organizing activities that disrupt public order. "As a mother I became a little easier, but that is not enough," — says Tatiana Seviarynets:

Tatiana Seviarynets

"After all, I believe and I am convinced that all prisoners, those who only received the charges and who is condemned already, they are not guilty of anything. They are guilty, perhaps, only in the fact that they have a sense of self-worth and have the courage and bravery of this claim. What they do not agree with a regime that agreed to live as our people live under this regime. In general, all these charges — nonsense. "

April 4 is also mitigated the charge wife of former candidate Andrei Sannikov prezydeta Irina Khalip, member of the campaign staff Statkevich Sergei Martseleva and Team Sannikov Dmitry Bondarenko.

Last week, the same charge — in the organization of activities that disrupt public order, or participate in them — was billed as a presidential candidate Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, Vital Rymasheuski, Neklyaeva associates — Alexander Fyaduta, Sergei Wozniak, as well as the deputy head of the "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka.

As for the rank and file of events in the square, they still exhibit mainly charged under Article 293 part 2 — participation in the riots. So, April 4, from Minsk police reported that such a charge were 5 other people: it is Dmitri Drozd, Vladimir Loban, Eugene Secret, Sergey Kazakov andVitaly Matsukevich. Pavedamyaetstsa also charges that on April 5 will be on display Pavel Vinogradov, Basil Homichenko andOleg Fedorkevichey.

Vasily Parfiankou

Of the eight convicted of involvement in the events of December 19 received two fines, one — the "chemistry", and six — the conclusion of the colonies.

The first convict Vasily Parfiankou, which is still February 17 was sentenced to 4 years in a penal colony, is still in prison in Minsk Valadarski Street. His father, Basil asked to be transferred to a colony in Orsha. Why is this Parfiankou deny human rights activists and relatives of a prisoner unknown.


April 4 were released from prison in Minsk Akrestin politician Ivashkevich and the Young Ivan Shyla. Ivashkevich served 10 days in jail for being on Freedom Day came to Yakub Kolas. Ivan Shyla was punished for a few days before the action of support Dmitri Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau in the Moscow district of Minsk. Ivashkevich told to "Freedom" on their "day" in Akrestsin:

"Familiar was not, but sat with the activist" NBP ", which is also tied for the share of social direction. I laughed at that sitting, as the king: the Bolsheviks, the Mensheviks, the nationalists — all together. And we agreed that we have a unified platform — it's a new election without Lukashenko. "

An activist of "Young Front" of Saligorsk Ivan Shyla after prison went to the doctors, my youth health complaints.



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