Testament Dagirov Hasavova: Moscow is turning into a bloody dead lake

Migrants.  Photo: uralweb.ru

Time is gone, leaving only terms.

AV Trehlebov

In Moscow, was attacked migrants police. As the press service of the Moscow Research Affairs, participated in the attack about 100 people.
The incident occurred on the eve of the street Durov. The police detained several citizens of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, who were engaged in illegal trade on the roadway. In response, about 100 people returning from the mosque after Friday prayers started throwing in the Ministry of Interior stones and pieces of rebar.

According to official information, the incident hit five policemen, suffered multiple bruises, broken bus commandos. Delayed several assailants (the citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Egypt), wrote via-midgard.info.

— The riots began during Friday prayers at a mosque near the Olympic Avenue — said a police source. — It is known that a group of visitors from the South attacked the minibus riot police on duty at the mosque. The car turned over, but the instigators of the riots was neutralized and delay.

According to another source, the clashes have also suffered the police. According to the source, the bus is not overturned, but there's broken glass.

— The conflict was a result of law enforcement efforts to stop the illegal trade, — said the representative office. — Traders were trying to resist.

Video from the scene (18 + obscene language)

According to the Federal Migration Service in Russia each year enter 13-14 million people, 77% of them — the citizens of the CIS countries, 10% — EU citizens. However, about one third are arriving in the country for a short time. As of mid-April 2012 in Russia were about 9.7 million foreign citizens, 3.5 million of them did not come to work, and another 3.7 million — at risk. In general, according to official data, migrant workers do not exceed 7% of the employees in the economy, according to the radio "Voice of Russia".

The unemployment rate according to Rosstat on February 2012 was 6.6% …! That is, jobs could well take our citizens without foreign forces. All the more so, if you count the actual work comes to about 2.5 million workers. The rest — not for work and at risk. If we reject all kinds of tourists and pilgrims about half or even more obviously came to trade in arms, drugs and commit other crimes — such as murder, robbery, trafficking in persons.

Finally there is a huge number of migrants who do no one believes!

It is not difficult to guess that the majority of entrants — the Muslims. We see that in some Arab countries, Western provocateurs skillfully pulling the strings of the religious feelings of local people achieve their geopolitical goals. It is not difficult to guess that the same thing can create West and with Russia, when an unknown nonprofit organization suddenly remove offensive to Muslims, a film that suddenly miraculously see all these newcomers, and even in their own language. And then it all Russia may in a few days turned into a bloody lake than threatened not so long ago, former city attorney Khasavov …

We also remind you that the owner of the portal superjob.ru and one of the largest employment analyst Alexei Zakharov interview business magazine Expert account of the situation of migrants and migrant workers. According to him, being replaced as the Russian people, and in the whole Russian nation, migrant workers do not adapt culturally and do not want to talk in Russian. Thus, little time is left, when the Russian state and its people will not have a chance to exist in the future …

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