That will change the presence of Denmark led the European Council?

That will change the presence of Denmark led the European Council?

The onset of the new 2012 year was marked for the EU changes. Now, the head of the European Council will be Denmark — a guard of honor for the country with the "character." Recall that the position occupied by all EU member states in turn. Each selected country have three years to implement the ruling functions. Thus, on January 1, 2012, the small Scandinavian country has taken over the post of the ruling. And had an important event in the difficult period — a period of economic crisis. Here analysts and alert: "As far as Denmark will master this post and obligations assigned to it in such a difficult period? What investors expect from the reign of Denmark in the Council? "

First of all, the experts of the Academy and Forex exchange trading Masterforex-V point out that the Council, together with the European Parliament — a full governing body, which creates and defines the EU's policy for the next few years. Thus, the leading task chairs the European Council, in the case of Denmark, is the development of the Union's development strategy for the near future.

Second, that the experts, all the EU Member States have the same rights, and therefore in turn elected as the Chairman of the Board. This year, except for Denmark, the responsible post of the division of Cyprus and Ireland — by one and a half years. That is, 1 June 2012, the head of Cyprus this post.

Third, what is particularly pay attention not only to specialists, but also residents of the country, as well as residents of the Union. This is due to the fact that Denmark is rather wayward country that is a hard line with the neighbors. For example, strict border control, which goes against the interests and regulations of the Schengen states. In addition, when the whole Union passed the European single currency, Denmark remained in its currency, which lives to this day.

Thus, there is concern that Denmark is primarily focused on improving their situation, which will affect the EU, which is already going through hard times. At the same time the magazine "Market Leader" wrote in the "News of Europe" that the priority of Denmark as the Chairman of the Council, are the internal problems of the Union, and then you can focus on external issues. In addition it is known that Denmark plans to improve the position of the EU at the expense of a program aimed at increasing the use of digital technologies. Also, the state plans to focus its policy on the environmental situation, the EU and the neighboring countries. In particular, the program will focus on energy conservation.
Also, Denmark is planning to focus on security issues — in particular it comes to dealing with illegal cross-border and organized crime. In terms of economics and politics, the new chairman plans to develop a new regulatory instruments of fiscal policy. That is, if all sum up, the conclusion is that the main task the EU sees the salvation of the EU from collapse.

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