The accident in the Himalayas

Even before Hitler came to power by the National Socialists are actively developing a number of areas related to the search for the origins of the legendary Aryans and the location is not less than legendary Shambhala, in the hope of Psychometric secret that can help them quickly gain world domination. To do this in Tibet and the Himalayas went undercover mission. At first, they were rare and few, but when the Nazis took power in 1933, their number has increased significantly.

Particularly active this secret work was carried out around the time of 1935-1939 years. It is likely that some of the expedition, and went after the outbreak of hostilities in Europe. But almost all the documentation on these issues has been destroyed before the surrender of Germany, or so far is never found caches.

UFOlogists often hypothesized that one of the Nazi expeditions could find a wrecked "flying saucer" and get in touch with her crew. Rather, it was in the Himalayas, in a remote mountain areas. A range of other options for the future: the Germans captured crew crashed UFO or alien base accidentally discovered that the invasion did not expect such a cunning and aggressive intruders.

The most likely scenario for most researchers believe the version of the accident and contact with aliens on "mutually agreed terms": aliens received from the Germans they need to repair the interstellar spacecraft materials, and the National Socialists in return acquire a new, previously unavailable earthlings knowledge and technology. Thus, it appears that many of the scientific achievements of Germany in the military-technical sphere is allegedly a result of the use of information received from an extraterrestrial civilization.

An indirect confirmation of this version is the fact that at a time when Germany left many outstanding scientists and existed for many years scientific schools have practically ceased to function in the country simply can not develop technical innovations, which, however, Germany had.

Indeed, in many areas of the Nazis for many years ahead in the field of new technologies and weapons of his main opponents in the war — the rich and the United States has huge scientific potential of the USSR.

Clear answer to the question whether the Nazis had contact with aliens, is now impossible. This mystery can be found in the open the secret recesses of the documents. In the meantime, must rely on circumstantial evidence, no doubt.

Experts in military technology and economics indicate, for example, that with the end of the 30s only 57 submarines, four years of the war, Germany was able to build on his 1163 yards-art (that is structurally more advanced than that of their opponents) to the time subs and put them in order: they took part in the fighting. And this is a severe shortage of many strategic materials for the war, and the last two years under the terrible, sour cream to the ground entire towns allied bombing?

It would seem that if the Nazis had contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, they might be able to create more sophisticated weapons — such as nuclear-powered cruisers. But we must be realistic and take into account that the Germans used the technologies that could in time of war as soon as possible to start production industry Reich. Create a fleet of nuclear submarines in the circumstances it was impossible, in spite of the fact that nuclear weapons Germany was very successful and, fortunately allies just do not have time to finish the job.

But the Nazis had managed to create the first jet fighter of speeds up to thousands of kilometers per hour, much faster than the planes and weapons, any of the anti-Hitler coalition. Riddle, in 1945 under the incessant bombing Nazis managed to release a few months 2,000 new combat vehicles and had to use them in combat!

Germany has developed an entirely new type of aircraft engines, and many Western experts are sure of: if the Nazis launched their new jet fighter "Messerschmitt M-163" in a series of at least the second half of 1944, the course of the war could have changed dramatically: the Germans would get full of the air!

Unsolved Mysteries

In the American military archives and archives Royal Air Force kept a lot of reports of military pilots who reported his command that they are during the flight over the territory of Germany is not just met a very strange flying machines by the British military helmets, with a modern twist — "flying saucers." American Kenneth Arnold, famous for the discovery of UFOs, was not at first our contemporary who saw "dish" in the sky. The palm should be given to the British and American pilots, faced with this phenomenon in the Second World War. The first, who had the opportunity to observe a UFO, was captain Sobinsky, a Pole, who served in the Royal Air Force.

March 25, 1942 he made a night flight on a bomber for exploration of a large industrial center of Essen. After the assignment, when the plane was already out of the airspace over Germany and gained altitude of 5000 meters, his plane began to pursue a silver disc-shaped device. Machine-gun fire did not cause any harm to the unit, he calmly continued to fly for the bomber and did not respond to the fire. This support did not last ten minutes. Then the "gizmo" lightning soared and disappeared into the night sky.

Another confirmed cases UFO sightings, details of which are preserved in the archives, there was in 1943. In his report to Major RAF R.T.Holms wrote on October 14, during the bombing of the German city of Schweinfurt were several "big shiny discs." And they did not respond to the fire that led to him gunner with the bombers.

Following the British faced with mysterious objects and American pilots who fought in Europe. Links to these cases are in the archives of the Office of the U.S. Air Force Intelligence, where UFOs appear under the name "fighter-FU." So called them American pilots 415th Squadron night fighter interceptor, which operated on the territory of Germany in the winter 1944-45.
Shortly after this episode, "balls" ceased to appear.

Today came the publication in which the authors argue that in the above episodes talking about the secret weapons of the Third Reich. Even made a reference to the German designers Shriver, Habermola, Mithila, Bellontso allegedly from 1941 worked on the flying disc. However eminent aviation experts flatly rejected this version. They led the two main arguments: invulnerability and speed of unidentified flying objects, which are technically unattainable now. Here we must make a small remark: experts were right, because they do not take into account the version of alien encounter.

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