The action of mourning in Brest



The action of mourning in connection with the terrorist attack in Minsk subway was held in Brest. In the central square in Brest, about a hundred people gathered to express their solidarity with the victims and the victims of the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro.

For information about the campaign spread Internet users. The intention to hold the event no one sent the application to the local admnistratsyyu. As noted by Andrew and Inna Kucharczyk, some of the boys agreed with the rector of the church, which is the central square to a 18-hour bell sounded, and the Andrew asked to exclude advertising screen:

"I arranged to pop music and advertising has been foreclosed on svyatladyednym screen in the square. By the way, went down well on the screen during the action came a black ribbon with a candle. Although it was assumed that the ceremonies will be tomorrow. "

To the "zero kilometer" on the area people carried flowers, lit candles. Per share came mostly young people, which is very important — said resident Maria Brest:

"It's great that so many young people responded to the grief of others. This is a difficult moment, but they all understand that we live in this society. No one wants that to happen again. "

Those present at the event, the guys say they do not even know the person who sent the information about the action. Says Natalia, a pupil of one of the schools of Brest, just can not remain indifferent to what is happening in the country:

"I learned about the campaign from the Internet. And I think that is really concerned people gathered to that what's going on in our country . "

On the square held an impromptu rally. Young men, volunteers of the NGO "Red Cross", offered the audience a solid ring to become the monument, have announced a minute's silence, the audience was invited to speak:

"It is important that we remember. And it is important that they, too, is remembered. And that no one has repeated this brutal act. May God protect our city, our Belarus. To no more such tragedies. "

The volunteers of the "Red Cross" offered the audience to donate money for the victims of the tragedy, which was immediately sent to the account of a public organization. Law enforcement officers do not prevent the impromptu rally.







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