The aliens have landed in Brazil?

October 22, 2011 13:24

Strange photo shows the world the British tabloid Daily Mail. In the images of tropical undergrowth on a group of people watching the unusual creature like an alien. And to the right of another strange phenomenon, thick shining clot.

Footage was filmed with a video that gave edition writer and renowned paranormal investigator Michael Cohen. According to the latter, in his hands the video in turn hit by two British tourists traveling on Amazon. Unusual creatures were filmed in the area of Mamaus.


In fact, tourists are not going to shoot the aliens. They filmed a group of local children and, later, reviewing the record, we saw strange creatures peeking out of the woods. One was definitely like a big-known type of gray aliens, and the second cluster, which some wags have called "Alien head" clearly refers to the stranger.

Cohen said that the video evidence some of the most clear and obvious evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials. The area where the tourists photographed aliens known frequent UFO sightings. In the video below from the collection of Cohen's seen one of these Brazilian UFO.


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