The aliens in the curriculum of the Odessa National University

Students of the biological faculty of the Odessa National University I.Mechnikova offer a special course on astrobiology listen. As the press service of the University, course on extraterrestrial life will be read to the council.

"The aim of the course — to help students broaden their scientific work, using the methods of astrobiology," — said the head of the future course of Mikhail Ryabov (candidate physical and mathematical sciences, senior researcher at the Odessa branch of the Institute of Radio Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine, assistant professor of astronomy). — All scientific work of students, one way or another relate to the external environment in which all biological systems are formed: the impact of the sun, moon, space radiation, "- said the head of the course.

Special course of distant worlds and possibilities of extraterrestrial life on them can also listen to microbiologists. Duration of the course — one semester. Lectures will be in the new media audience and workshops will be scheduled in the university observatory.

After listening to the full course for credit students (future astrobiologists) will be required to take the test and do creative work, based on the knowledge acquired about aliens.

Currently, the Faculty of Biology of the Odessa National University operates 104 teachers, including 17 doctors, 53 candidates and 32 employees of departments of research groups, including 7 PhDs.

At the Faculty enrolls more than 1,000 students, is preparing bachelors and masters in the field of "Biology", "Microbiology and Virology" full-time and correspondence courses. Training of specialists is carried out in the following areas: biochemistry, botany, genetics and molecular biology, Hydrobiology and general ecology, zoology, microbiology and virology, human and animal physiology.

SUMMARY: Ryabov Mikhail Ivanovich — assistant professor, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, senior researcher at the Institute of Radio Astronomy Observatory of Odessa National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Co-Chair of the International Astronomical Society, Chairman of the Odessa Astronomical Society, Member of the International Astronomical Union and the European Astronomical Society.

Has published about 50 scientific papers. Research interests: the study variables galactic and extragalactic radio sources (quasars, active galactic nuclei, supernova remnants), space weather forecasting and the study of solar activity on the atmosphere and the biosphere of the Earth, study of the structure of the interstellar medium according to the scintillation of radio sources, study the manifestations of lunar tides in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, astrobiology.



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