The apartment Sannikov and Khalip KGB conducted the third search

The apartment journalist Irina Khalip raided. Along with whom will judge activist Sergei Staff Statkievich Martseleva? Activist of the "Young Front" Nikolai Demidenko remained syaden in Akrestsin day.

April 8 in the apartment of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and journalist Rockets KGB conducted another search. This is Liberty's mother told journalists Lucyna Belzatskaya.

"How many times are they here already, what else can you find? According to our calculations, this is the third search only the KGB, and another was a police. Less than an hour they were looking for something, says Irina. But I was not there, I do not know the details. "

How many times have they been here already, what else can you find?

By Lucyna Belzatskoy, during a search of the house did not have a three-year and Danica. However, before he had to be present at such actions of the KGB. "He sat motionless, in silence" — recalls Danikava grandmother.

What explained the KGB need another search of the apartment and Sannikva Khalip Lucyna Belzatskaya not know. April 7 Irina graduated acquainted with the case in which it appears as the organizer of the activities that breach public order.

April 8 completed familiarization with the case andSergei Martselev, activist headquarters of former presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich. By Zoe Evmenova, grandmother concluded that protects them, the lawyer does not exclude that in the end of April to start the process. Together with the judge who will Martseleva?

"In the middle of the week is to inform a lawyer, in which the court will be a process. A judge will be together Sergei and Irina Khalip and Paul Seviarynets. "

According to human rights activists in the criminal case on the riots 19 December 30 others and charged 12 suspects, eight have already been convicted. Also, 10 people accused of organizing or participating in actions in flagrant violation of public order. What is the principle investigators form a group of defendants for the direction of affairs in the courts, is not explained.

Human rights activist Anastasia Marinkina"People are combined into groups. That's right, groups, businesses will pass on to the court. Thus a judge will consider the cases of several people at the same time.

Is not clear why these people are united.

And earlier about one such group has been written on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and now we know that things do not go according to one person, but immediately a few. For example, I know of a top five people that come to the court. This Andrei Sannikov, who was accused of organizing mass disorder, and with it the 4 people who are accused by the second part of the same article — for taking part in the riots. This Oleg Hnedchyk, Vladimir Eremenok, Fedor Mirzayanav andIlya Vasilevich. And it does not understand why these people are united. As far as I know, were familiar with each other and only Mirzayanav Vasiljevic. "

By the way, Father Fyodor Mirzayanava, a citizen of Russia Rome Mirzayanav, asks diplomats from the Russian embassy in Minsk to attend the trial of his son. According to his father, it can save Fedor Mirzayanava from unjust sentence to imprisonment.

April 9 at 18 hours from the detention center in Akrestsin is an activist of "Young Front", the applicant march on Freedom Day Nikolai Demidenko, who was sentenced to confinement for 15 days for taking part in an unsanctioned rally. Friends and human rights activists handed transmission Demidenko, wrote letters of support. After the events of December 19 is the second administrative detention activist.



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