The Baroness de Bode — legend White Army watch online

The Baroness de Bode - legend White Army watch online
This is a story about not widely recognized pages of Russian history is the story of the disastrous fate of "maiden" edition of Capital Alexander's military School in October 1917-year. Among the Russian patriots who wanted to fight for Russia in the First World War and had 25 women who were cadets Alexander's military School. But fate would have it, that, having completed School in 1917, the young praporschitsy were not on the front, and in the thick of the bloodiest battles in the streets of Moscow during the October Revolution 1917 year. When the Bolsheviks seized power in a small town, many people left to fight for the Russian snow-white volunteers. Among them was also baroness Sofia de Bode — the only female warrant officers, which has appeared in the cavalry. "Young, beautiful woman with a round face and round blue eyes in his own military uniform ensign looked and dressed up with a thin little boy. Daughter of a Russian general, brought up in a military environment, it is not posing as an officer, and learned for himself all military techniques naturally as if she were a man … "- from the memoirs of the Chairman of the State Duma Nikolay Lvov …

The first global war

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