The Belarusian authorities believe that they can play with the fate of their people and ignore the neighbors

Today, the Lithuanian Seimas, a round table, in which will be analyzed in relation to the situation Ostrovetskaya NPP parliamentarians and experts, politicians and activists from Lithuania and Belarus.

Lithuania to date has not confirmed its agreement to build a nuclear power plant Ostrovetskaya at its very limits, but the construction work on the selected site has already begun, and it is a matter of great concern in Lithuania, as explained by one of the organizers of the round table in the Diet, the chairman of the Lithuanian Foundation to protect citizens Stasis Kaushinis:

"We categorically asserts that the power plant is not needed, but we have already perakanananne that nuclear power plants can not be built on the river Neris-Villya that flows in Vilnius."

Lithuania protests

Recently, Lithuania increasingly raises the question Ostrovetskaya NPP at international level.

Head of the Committee of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Emanuelis Zingeris, who recently returned from Washington, where he gave a witness at a hearing of the U.S. Congress on the situation of human rights in Belarus, discussed the problem of the construction of nuclear power plants on the borders of Lithuania with U.S. congressmen.

"The opaque, not paying attention to public opinion, the decision of Minsk and, unfortunately, on the construction of nuclear power plants in Moscow at the very capital Vilnius, on the river that flows to us — is the solution again shows that the regime in Minsk look at their neighbors from the top down, and violates the rights of not only the citizens, but also the residents of Vilnius. I do not think that Mr Lukashenko udaststsa's so easy, as we found Messrs. Putin and Schroeder make "Nord Stream" in the Baltic Sea. I'm sure we all EU with a common voice, not just the voice of one of Lithuania, we will deal with Mr. Lukashenko, "- said the head of the Committee of Foreign Affairs.

Lithuania offered during the last session of the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO to include in the agenda the question of Russia and Belarus plans to build a nuclear power plant at its borders. The head of the Lithuanian delegation to the NATO PA, which is one of the five vice-chairmen of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Petras Avshtravichus, also plans to take part in today's round table:

"We will do everything to ensure that the construction of nuclear power plants in the immediate vicinity of the Vilnius received praise from European and other countries, and we will do our best to make this project was unsuccessful."

"The strategic mistake of Belarus"

Petras Avshtravichus initiated and led the discussion about nuclear power with politicians, ambassadors, Japan, Belgium, Sweden and Russia, academics and professionals, as well as civil society activists, took place yesterday at the Information Bureau of the Diet of Europe in the framework of the parliamentary club of Europe (http://www. / index.php? -515084968). The MP said the decision to build a nuclear power station in 53 km from the capital of Lithuania "strategic mistake" by the "tsyaperyashnyaga the Government of Belarus and the countries that are pushing her to do so."

"This is a huge mistake on the part of the current government of Belarus, if it thought that the construction of nuclear power plants in 53 km from the state capital will not be noticed. I do not accept the argument of the Belarusian authorities that, say, the Visaginas nuclear power plant is planned for the border too. Yeah, but there is no nearby large towns, and the construction site Ostrovetskaya NPP selected around Vilnius and now we can only prepare bags with things essentials. This decision of the Belarusian NPP Ostrovetskaya lead to big trouble. And this is another indicator of how the Belarusian authorities to believe that the can play with the fate of his people and not pay attention to the neighbors — said Petras Avshtravichus — It is a political project. Investments will be provided by the Russian side. This directly increases the influence of Russia to Belarus. "

Ostrovetskaya plant — part of Russian policy

Analysts project in Lithuania Ostrovetskaya build nuclear power plant in Belarus called part of the energy policy of Russia. The initiative group of today's round table in the Diet has previously discussed the possibility of an appeal to the Russian politicians to reconsider the decision to Ostrovetskaya plant.

The objectives of today's debate in the Sejm — the analysis of the situation and develop a strategy for action that could stop the creation of nuclear power plants on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. Stasis Kaushinis:

"This will be the adoption of new instruments and perhaps this will be madeabout today, or later in the course of our future activities — documents that may be convincing the international legal level prevent rash decisions on the construction of nuclear power plants. "

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