The Belarusian authorities condemned the Polish Charter. What's next?

The Constitutional Court of Belarus has decided that Polish law "On the Pole's Card" is not consistent with international law. Initiated this question on February 23 the House of Representatives, which suggested to the court to consider the Polish law on conformity with generally recognized principles and norms of international law.

The Constitutional Court ruled that certain provisions of the Law on the map does not correspond to the Pole a number of international legal instruments. First of all — the definition of the powers of public associations that are registered in Belarus, on issues related to the issuance of "Polish Card". They say that these rules apply to legal entities which are under the jurisdiction of state. This is inconsistent with the principles of sovereign equality of States and non-interference in internal affairs. In addition, according to the court, the rules of law on the issuing of "Polish Card", which has to do Consul of Poland in violation of the Vienna Convention and other agreements. The same goes for preferential visa regime and privileges of employment for owners of "Polish Card".

In court, the correspondent of "Freedom", but did not answer the question of whether the decision to have any consequences for the citizens of Belarus who have the "map the Pole." The court will send its findings to the House of Representatives.

A former judge of the Constitutional Court Valery Fadeev"As for card holders, they also some privileges and preferences is the Polish side. I do not know how here Belarusian side to stop it. "

Chairman of the unrecognized Union of Poles Angelica Orehvo does not agree with the attitude of the court to the "Polish Card":

"Pole's Card" recognizes the Polish government, and all the costs that come with it, is also Poland. If it meets the interests of Poland, people, who have Polish nationality, will have a document that confirms this, then why not? I do not see any "criminal" cases. Poland may allow you to make free visas for holders of "Polish Card". I do not see what are the violations. "

Former Belarusian Ambassador to Germany Peter Sadowski advises the Belarusian authorities to introduce a "map of Belarusians", against which no one would have objected. He believes that the decision of the Constitutional Court does not have anything to do with Poland.

And our Constitutional Court, as well as Parliament — made the go-ahead and made a decision.

"It all fits into the overall company is not very clever confrontation search external enemies. It's part of this stupid company. And our Constitutional Court, as well as Parliament — made the go-ahead and made the decision. "

Political scientist Vaclav Oreshko considers "Polish Charter" absolutely normal phenomenon. Belarusian Poles and the Polish government have the right to enjoy it. The court's decision he calls "another step in the destruction of free Belarus".

"If those who want to have a" map of the Pole, "and will continue to want it, then they will get it. Maybe it will bring some kind of sanctions regime and punishing it, then it will be interesting. "

Political scientist Ales Lahvinets called the court's decision "Pole's Card" forecast:

"The judges have not independent, although formally have to be. They performed a particular political order. And this political order they issued a decision. The decision can not be considered legitimate in a democratic spectacle. The Belarusian authorities have not yet fully abandoned the confrontational logic in relations with Poland, despite the statements that Lukashenko did during the presentation of credentials by the Polish ambassador. "

According to information announced in the House of Representatives, "map of the Pole" today in Belarus are more than 14.5 thousand people, and just live in the country 400,000 ethnic Poles.


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