The Belarusian economy was booming, booming — and, apparently, adtsvila

Society in Belarus have lines at currency exchange offices — of wanting to change rubles for dollars and euros. And there is no currency in the banks. Such a spectacle Belarusian citizens have not seen since the late 90s, and now anyone with surprise and indignation with those who are watching how the banks, and after them, and the entire national economy back into the past.

In one of his letters to this topic and start a conversation today. Here's what we wrote Oleg Knyazevich from Minsk:

"The Belarusian economy was booming, booming — and, apparently, adtsvila. Now, instead of flowers appeared berries.

Yesterday walked pavdyasyatka exchangers to buy 50 dollars. Found only in one and not 50 but 15.

A night on the TV main banker Prokopovych soothed: no devaluation, he will not allow the currency is and will not listen to anyone who spreads panic rumors. Well, I do not listen and do not believe. But why not buy a $ 50? Where is the currency that supposedly have?

In that devaluation will not believe, probably only Prokopovych. Believing if he is? And for what the last effort to pretend that everything is fine and everything is under control, if indeed all the all clear, and the ruble is heading downhill? Who needs this simulation and lies? ".

During the last election the Belarusian citizens were promised by the end of 2010, the average salary — $ 500 by the end of 2015 — one thousand. (Of course, in Belarusian rubles at the official rate of the National Bank). And last December, before the election, promised $ 500, according to official statistics were indeed achieved. Another thing — what the cost. At the beginning of the year this figure significantly influenced by inflation withered. And if now devalue the ruble — how it will look in the eyes of the people the power that gave out those promises? Another thing that is unrealistic low exchange rate that stubbornly holds National Bank, and for what to buy the currency at banks almost impossible — also inevitably affects the image of power entirely certain way.

The author of this letter Levon Liberta from Bobruisk, thinking about the acute economic problems faced by Belarus, calls attention to the expensive and inefficient projects, which are financed from the state budget. The listener writes:

"Properly done by those countries that have launched a struggle against smoking and drinking. Alcohol and tobacco — a real epidemic for the whole of humanity. But it also brings huge revenue for the state budget. Turns out: Ministry of Health warns, and the Ministry of Commerce encourages yes advertises. And then, apparently nothing can be done. But in Belarus there is another epidemic, dangerous to society. Our power chronically ill severe Lyadova palace-dependence. should immediately ban the construction of ice rinks in the villages and towns. After all, everyone is clear where the money comes These darazheznyya construction — with modest salaries of employees and meager pensions elderly … and it is immoral. excuses, they are building for the health of the nation, and in fact recently pulled out of his pocket and a disabled pensioner, who one palace — a fifth of the dog's paw. They would though any extra penny on drugs, on public transportation, on a piece of bread. But this is just a penny taken from them to turn to ice sports.'s found a man who would have figured out a way to stop this useless construction, which is financed expense of the people. he would be worthy of the most prestigious award ".

Construction of ice palaces in Belarusian regional centers where many already terminated, Mr. Levon. In some areas that were previously forced to plan such construction, it had to be abandoned from the design stage. And not because the power has changed priorities or disappointed in hockey — at all. Just for expensive entertainment is no more money. In general, large-scale construction of arenas can afford, as a rule, the rich countries — Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland. It was ironic that the list has suddenly started to appear Belarus. Well, there was a period in the beginning of the century, when the surplus revenues from the export of expensive oil products made from cheap Russian oil. That's it and turned into ice rinks. Now cheap oil has become much smaller. Immediately disappeared, and the so-called "Belarusian economic miracle" and money on expensive entertainment.

Our listener Lyudmila Kozlova from the village Makarovtsy Berestovitsky area — Big fan of the current government. The content of our programs, it is viewed with great indignation. And therefore addressed to the "Freedom" series of accusations and allegations. Ms. Kozlova says:

"The more you try to denigrate and humiliate Alexander G., the more disgusting show your own face. Often you can not listen without anger and resentment. Themselves unworthy of you even a little finger Alexander G., and climb it to teach., And remove, please call sign — melody "I love our land, this page …" The song — a beautiful, it is not for you. anyone you do not like and do not want to see Belarus as a prosperous and independent, but impoverished and rastsisnutay. Such "freedom" we do not need. "

And you, Ms. Kozlova, seriously think that Belarus has the right to love only those who love Alexander G.?

As for the music to the words of the famous song of Constance Buylo. She is really beautiful. On it our students will learn a wave of Belarusian Freedom for more than half a century. And they will continue to hear it, because "freedom" they need. I believe Ms. Kozlova that need it and you — otherwise why, overcoming anger and resentment through interference in the air you are looking for our wave?

Own judgments about some of the programs of "Radio Liberty" expresses in his letter Nikolai Korbut of the village Mikhaleva Bobruisk district. He writes:

"I know for sure that without the program," living language "which led to" Freedom "Yuri Bushlyakov in Belarus would be on two university students less. Only through Radio Liberty, which is to listen to on my tip, they entered universities., If possible to restore the program on the radio. Especially now that our grandchildren, unlike us, have the opportunity to listen to and read "Freedom" on the Internet.

I listen to the program "Fathers and Sons", "Verse of freedom" … Well it would be to create a separate disk with recordings of these broadcasts and on-demand listeners to send the invoice fee. Free is not necessary: we must maintain his radio.

And one more relevant to the issue of Belarus, which is often covered with "Freedom" — the construction of nuclear power plants Ostrovetskaya. We must all make an effort to say "No!" this destructive project. But otherwise it may be too late ".

For your kind words and interesting suggestions Thank you, Mr. Nicholas. CDs with recordings of the most distinctive of Radio Liberty manufactures and plans to release in the future. But to take them for a fee, we're not going to. All of our friends, active listeners and authors who will be sent to the editor related requests, traditionally receive these disks of "freedom" as a gift.

As to the subject of the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus. In our mail lately more and more letters to the this topic. Watching what a dramatic effect after the destruction of nuclear power plants in Fukushima, Japan is experiencing, referring to what had happened twenty-five years ago in Chernobyl, people are worried and alarmed. Will the nuclear power plant in Astravets that hard is going to build the Belarusian authorities, safe? E
specially given the fact that the design and build it to be the same Russian institutes and organizations, which at the time created the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Why did the Belarusian government, which, among other things, do not have the money for the expensive and dangerous project, so stubbornly insist on it? Here's what he thinks about it Vladimir Petrovsky village of Zhuravlevka Gomel region. In his letter to the "freedom", he writes:

"Until recently, Lukashenko said that the conditions offered in the construction of nuclear power plants the Russian side, he would never agree and find other partners. And now, it turns out, agreed. According to my opinion, is not worried about Lukashenko energy, but something more. should pay attention to how often in his speeches, he regrets that at the time of the Belarusian nuclear weapons were withdrawn. Obviously, if he had nuclear missiles, it would be quite a different conversation. And personally, I am concerned about how would result from our Belarus does not become the second Iran — just European. Maybe I am wrong in something. Well, let God. "

In his letter to Vladimir Petrovsky also complains about the reception quality of our programs. Another quote from the letter:

"When I listen to" Freedom "that recall the distant 60's and 70's. Then we have in the village in one of the houses was a receiver" homeland. "And the men gathered there in the evenings and listen to the" Voice of America. "I do not know what there could be heard through a horrible crackling and whistling. But they listened. Nearly as listen to your programs and I am using my host, "the WEF-214."

You say that the transition to summer wave reception will improve. But you can not rely on it — better not be. Intelligence agencies also perastroyats their jammers ".

I do not know, Mr. Vladimir, really going glushenne our programs: proven accurate data, we do not have. Meanwhile, the fact is that listening to shortwave broadcasts on a physically and morally obsolete Soviet-made receivers become increasingly problematic. A new model of domestic receivers radyepramyslovasts almost no issues: they are not for sale.

What is there a way out? The program, which came out of the air on March 23, I have already answered a similar question posed by our listeners Felix Varvashevich from the village of poppy Hantsavichy area. There are two options: either to master the computer and listen to (as well as read, and watch photos and videos on our website), or purchase a satellite dish and through the tune in "Freedom". It is clear that for many of the elderly version of the computer — quite problematic. (Especially given the size of pensions in Belarus). But satellite "dish" by the prices have slightly more expensive than the modern radios.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write to freedom. Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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