The case of Belgian triangles

Traditionally we call UFOs "flying saucers." However, it is at least fair: only a small part is in the form of objects "inverted cymbals." There are dozens, if not hundreds of variations, sometimes very strange and bizarre. Imagination earthlings late twentieth century hit the so-called "Belgian Triangle."

November 29, 1989 at the police station Belgian town of Eupen called witnesses who observed the "triangle with bright lights." The object was flying very low over the houses of its corners proceeded rays, and in the middle of burning orange flames. In this case, the UFO emitted a quiet hum. Then came the second triangle giant. Turning over the highway, he disappeared behind the nearest forest.

The Belgians did not know that back in August 1968, faced with a similar object Soviet military pilots when performing night maneuvers. However, in the Soviet Union, such information, of course, kept secret by officials and therefore did not become available to the general public. Incidentally, shortly before the events in Belgium "triangles" seen and Ukraine — in the Odessa, Poltava, Zhytomyr and other areas.

Documented reports of unidentified flying objects epic proportions. On 13 March 1997, at 18.55 local time, thousands of Phoenix saw a huge UFO over the airport in the form of the letter «V». He was so great, that obscure the stars and closed space over several quarters. Among the witnesses were surveyors who carried out the work in the north of Phoenix, who with the help of special equipment were able to calculate the size of the object. It was found that the length of 3.2 km, width — 2.8 kilometers. Since he was flying very low, on the sides of his well-visited a number of lighted windows, which could be seen in someone's silhouettes. Subsequently, the "window" are turned off.

The nearest Air Force Base were sent to intercept a UFO two F-15 fighter, but radar pilots out of order, and then they lost object with lights extinguished out of sight.

Daunting size UFOs — not such a rarity. For example, the April 26, 1998 an early warning radar station UK Ministry of Defence has found over the North Sea triangular object the size of a battleship. He was flying in a zigzag path at a speed of 27,000 kilometers per hour.

In 1958 he published a book of French researcher Aime Michel "Mysterious objects in the sky." UFO map projections constructed routes on which, according to reports, the unidentified flying objects are moving. And he came to a sensational conclusion: reports of observations in the same region comes only from the villages located on a straight line passing through the particular geographical meridian or parallel! If there are "retreat" from the route, the new path runs along another line, evenly spaced apart from the first 33 nautical miles!

Such a fantastic opening two more interested in French ufologist — Charles Harry and Raymond Lavier. The ancestor of the latter, also bore the name of Raymond Lavier, according to family legend, once met with uncommon. Evening, May 29, 1671 Toulouse farmer in his vineyard saw a strange object, like a glowing circular tent consisting of two stages. Lavier ran out into the garden, but before he could approach the intruder as "tent" took off and left in the direction of Toulouse.

Perhaps distant grandson winegrower interested UFO theme thanks tribal tradition. But, anyway, and Harry checked Lavier Michel information, and found out that if you break any region into squares with sides of 33 miles, the trajectories UFO (with a variety of UFOs!) Lies precisely on these sides. The impression that the objects purposefully examined on Earth 'square'!

Of course, the interest of the aliens to our planet can not be disturbed. What they conduct such a thorough examination of our territory? I do not whether they are ready to take over the Earth? Let's hope for the best — that communication with the neighbors in the universe would look like the contact of two intelligent races, and not an act of aggressive invasion …

Margarita Trinity

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