The cholera epidemic has sunk into Kramatorsk

In the children's clinic Kramatorsk asked mom with a child 5 years with complaints of diarrhea. Then joined vomiting, marked weakness and rumbling in the abdomen. Family consisting of 3 persons (parents and son) was vacationing in Egypt. During the rest ate shrimp, mussels, swimming in the Red Sea. After the return of the patient to start the first signs of the disease

Was the legend of the training sessions to localize and eliminate the source of cholera, which had Kramatorsk in CMU DTMO.

In class, in addition to health care workers in children's clinics № 3, attended by experts from the city ambulance station, infectious department of the city hospital № 1 and disinfection brigades urban SES.

On the role of the patient chose the children's infectious disease Dmitry Yakovenko. He vividly present pediatrician Natalia Zakharenko about their complaints. When gagging him immediately given collection bag selections. Meanwhile, the doctor on the phone reported the hospital management of identified patients to start notification scheme city services.

At this time the Head. clinic organized transportation to the office, where the action takes place, protective clothing and kits for collecting material.

Health workers who assisted the patient, wearing protective suits and proceeded to the fence material. Meanwhile, the clinic ambulance arrived, which took the patient to the infectious department of the city hospital № 1.

The clinic patient after City SES team spent the final disinfection.

At this time the ambulance "patient" taken for hospitalization in infectious disease clinic. All necessary processed disinfectant.

Polyclinic services identified contact with the patient, followed by the under surveillance for 5 days. At home also conducted disinfection.

All activities carried out in full, worked out all the action in the deadline. Training session was considered a success.

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