The collapse of Europe, registered in the symbols of the matrix Concordia

February 3, 2012 9:19

"All the [European] continent will be unrecognizable. In a year. At the end of 2012 we will live in a different Europe. It will not be like Europe in the past 20 years. I do not know what it will be like, but […] Europe is a severe crisis of the last of his 60 years. I think the euro zone in such a way there will be no more. "

Alexander Rahr, director of the Berthold Beitza behalf of the German Council on Foreign Relations, a political scientist (December 2011)

Ship "Costa Concordia". Surprise visit to the island of Gigli

Readers familiar with the publications that affect the subject of the matrix programming (MDP) [1], know that parallels the intricacies of past events and plans for the future in the present and future developments of an integrated whole, having common characteristics, properties and imaging manifestations. The universe, which has its own "plan of development" and causality, is in conjunction — with that part of her, called the noosphere of the planet Earth, and with her support, humanity. The main conditions that provide access to wealth management matrix "planned events" is set the video, completing a particular process.

The use of certain causal properties of the universe knowledgeable representatives of small human groups, (which made global governance for the benefit of themselves and to prevent the planet Earth steady increase in the number of people with type humane system of the mind), the historically long periods of time leads to the phenomenon of the external frequency certain types of events. These cycles may be held in conjunction with them to the "trigger points" of the states of real processes, correcting the direction of chains of events leading to the final goal. The reality of such planning and development management of large masses of people in the human civilization, is also something known (see, for example, the article "The plans, disclosed an insider in 1969"). It is possible that some key "news", some of which are on the outer plane becomes transparent, and widely discussed, are an elite "events-iceberg" — a kind of "polarization vectors and synchronize" the thought processes of a large number of people.

I assume that many of the last ten days have experienced a kind of "deja vu", listening to news reports about the crash cruise ship "Costa Concordia". In this communication, orientation forms monstrous in scope and consequences kaleidoscope of past and future, on the image level richly mixed with mythology, symbolism and elements of the plot. As a result, and then feel like a party game in which a serial killer leaves clues and Keys at the scene and called his next turn (as an analogy, let us remember the TV series "Twin Peaks"). Assumption arises: whether it is the universe speaks to us in the language of life's circumstances and events (which in itself is fine), or a certain group of "regulators", claims to be the vicegerent of God on earth, "marks" the fourth dimension of their water marks and management pulses, paved the way to realization of their age-old plans. In search of these "signs" turn to Internet search engines and archival material we have.

The centennial catastrophe "Titanic"

Of course, from the first "Black Friday" in the media raspiarenny leap in 2012, many (including me) expected some surprises. [2] And waited. The collapse of a giant cruise ship, accompanied by scandalous details and synchronized with it exponential "lowering the reputation" of nine eurozone countries give reason to think about a possible deep connection with each of these events. In addition, the video of a performance of Lord Blekhitskogo November 1, 2010 [3] relating to "non-core activities" of the Vatican, again appeared on one of the most popular online forums in a thread titled "For the sinking of the" Costa Concordia "[is]" Foundation X ". Blond [aboard] — emissary of Rothschild. "

Screenshot from the forum thread

By the way, in his curious little speech in the British Parliament, Lord James also used the image of the sinking of "Titanic" in relation to the UK banking community. About the disaster of "Titanic" and its relationship with the Jesuits and the Illuminati also see a large piece of documentary investigation "Devil Vatican."

Feeding and dosing of the 'right' information, control the media, which are both under the unstructured and under direct or indirect control of the global planners, regulators and their henchmen. The same applies to the global network of companies, banks and corporations. However, the lack of observation of the world and sophisticates. And this is what is currently known about one of the events of early 2012 due to these "detectives". Given that information comes in near real time, it requires checking and rechecking, as disinformation is part of, and one of the tasks of the media (Sorcha Faal in relation to this matter is to "mark", stating that "Concordia" sunk torpedo fired Iranian submarine …). However, existing data are sufficient to draw attention to the observed eccentricities.

Let's start with the fact that from the very first hours of the disaster the media dubbed the "Costa Concordia" "second Titanic." Tom contributed the experience of people who personally experienced the dramatic moments of the disaster, "Costa Concordia" and fight for their lives, similar to footage from James Cameron, and some parallels and analogies. However, in a number of publications and analytical reporting European and global economy often been compared to a sinking ship, or "Titanic." Thus, the authoritative magazine «Economist» Article from October 29, 2011 accompanied by an article about the impending collapse of the Eurozone caricature sinking ship, from which the boat is lowered colander-recognized leaders of the major countries of Europe …

So, let us recall some of the moments and details in connection with the crash of a century ago. British Titanic was built by order of the Jesuits. Its owner (through «White Star Line») was tycoon JP Morgan). In general, everyone knows that the ocean liner struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic April 14, 1912, ripped body of "floating in the ocean block of ice," and after 2 hours 40 minutes sank. At the very least, that such representations invested billions of minds Hollywood filmmaker David Cameron.

Around the same period, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and JP Morgan agreed to intercept credit and financial management system through the creation of the private Federal Reserve, the abolition of the gold standard and with unrestricted printing treasury notes (dollars). Towards the implementation of these plans were some of the strengths of this world: the richest businessman of that time, John Jacob Astor, in his honor were named hotel "Astoria"), the owner of Macy's department store chain, Isidor Straus and mining tycoon Benjamin Guggenheim (Benjamin Guggenheim).

John Jacob Astor, Isidor Straus and Benjamin Guggenheim

Of course, then, for what purpose Morgan posted on the "floating coffin with expensive finish" their "friends in business" (and only millionaires on the Titanic was 57!) — A separate issue. [4] But, in the end, for the direct descendant of pirate Henry Morgan and get rid of extra applicants share (competitors) — business as usual. After the successful implementation of the "catastrophe of the century" the names of all three are on the list of the victims, some of the problems in implementing the above plan has been eliminated. And 2 years later started and organized by the same conspirators World War I, the tasks and

features of which were described in 1871 by Mason Albert Pike.

JP Morgan (1837-1913)

Sketchy information about the involvement of wealthy families for the sacrifice in the Atlantic may be summarized as the following construction. In 1910, seven members of the Rockefeller family, the Morgan and Rothschild met on Jekyll Island (GA pcs) and held talks on the development of general principles for the Central United States. The formalities of the process have been completed after the signing of the Federal Reserve System (23 December 2013).


Rockefellers, the Morgans were engaged with various joint activities, while Morgan is a "debtor" Rothschild. In turn, the Rothschilds were the bankers of the Order of the Jesuits, and in their midst were many members of the "Society of Jesus". This tightly structured and well-conspiratorial Order, who in the late XVIII century, was banned in several European countries and was persecuted by the Vatican, actively penetrates all banking systems in search of money. Ordinary members of the Jesuit superiors fulfill any orders of priests. There was a whole network of "adopters" of the Order, which brought an oath of loyalty and ready to carry out any orders and assignments.

Captain of the "Titanic", Edward J. Smith was a member of the Order. In 1912, on the eve of the events in Southampton, UK on board the Titanic went Jesuit priest Francis Brown. Apparently, he gave some instructions to Captain Smith turned down the offer of a free round-trip (received from one of the millionaires — those were the instructions received by him), and went down during a stop in Queenstown. That same night the Titanic went out into the North Atlantic.

E. Smith, captain of the ship "Titanic"

As the most experienced captain of his time, Smith knew that in these waters often icebergs are of great danger, but this time took the ship to complete pairs. He ignored eight telegrams ordered him to slow down, not paying attention to the warnings of officers, went to the obvious violations of safety rules, had ordered the evacuation of float-empty boat. And this despite the fact that the seats in the boats had only half the passengers and crew of "Titanic"! That is, the violation was such that initially condemned men to their deaths. Everything was done for received instructions: provoke a catastrophe, which killed a maximum number of people. [6]

Consequently, the Catholics of Ireland, Italy and France were to be sacrifices made at the altar of a large conspiracy, so that in the future you can easily take all the suspicions of the Order, and the traces. A similar method was used in the story more than once. Such arguments are often found among researchers such as those (in particular, Diane Ecker in the multi-year study of the puzzle of "Titanic" in the book "The cellars of power").

Book Cover D. Ecker

And one of the prerequisites for the fatal crash of a century ago is the lack of surveillance for early detection of hazards. And this was connected simple human error, "the lookouts on the" Titanic "did not use binoculars, ostensibly because there was no safe key with binoculars … who allegedly took the second mate, Blair, when Captain Smith drove him out of the team, taking on board an officer with "Olympic". It is possible that the lack of binoculars has been one of the causes of the collapse of the liner "- according to the" Crash "in the article" Wikipedia. " That is, the surveillance, (so and control liner) have been dramatically weakened by a "trigger decision."

Gone to the bottom of ship and witnesses for years to conceal the true causes of the disaster. However, in 1985, persistent search of Professor Robert D. Ballard with submersibles "Alvin" and "Jason ml." Finally succeeded. And examination of the body of "Titanic" discovered as a 10-meter hole from a collision with an iceberg, and six holes wide palm with concave edges inside the case. Moreover, all the holes were going through riveting steel plates. Laboratory studies have brought to the surface with a piece of skin from the rivet holes (in 1995) led to the conclusion that the impact of an iceberg steel case does not sag, and cracked in several places. That is, high-sulfur steel sheets that are used in the construction of "the unsinkable ship" at the stage of design and construction ensure Titanic big problems in the event of a collision with any massive object. Who could be behind the approved design decisions to use brittle steel can guess.

Attract attention and documented observation of a "ghost ship", who was in the disaster area. After many trials in 1968, the American Association of Merchant Marine captains concluded that "between the sinking" Titanic "and the lie to [7] [in a relatively short distance of 20 nautical miles]" California "was even a ship, and with "Titanic" it took for "California," and the "California" — for "Titanic." Name and affiliation of this ghost ship remains a mystery to this day. The nature of the mysterious ship maneuvers ["X"] managed accurately enough to set the records in the log "California", and on the testimony of the members of his team, as well as people who escaped from the "Titanic." These maneuvers are quite strange.

"X" going rate in the north-east to south-west, enters the field of view of the watch on both mentioned courts around the same time — 22.25. Exactly at 23.40, that is, when "Titanic" is faced with an iceberg, "X" stopper fits in the car and drift, and then … reversed 180 degrees, as if to go back course! However, this does not and continues to drift to 2.5, as if from a distance — a distance of about six nautical miles — watching the development of the tragedy of "Titanic." After the "X" to start the machine again turned to 180 degrees and goes to the southwest. 02.40 In its running lights disappear from the watch for "California". " In light of the above circumstances, this information lead us to very specific assumptions and conclusions.

And one more detail from Wikipedia. "In the same 1912, but before the crash occurred, a book was published Morgan Robertson (Morgan Robertson)« Futility, or the death of Titan »(« Futility, Or the Wreck of the Titan »), which takes place on board a passenger ship "Titan", similar to the description and the displacement from "Titanic." In this book, "Titan", is killed by a collision with an iceberg in the fog while sailing from New York to the UK. As a result — the legend of "predictions" catastrophe "Titanic" by Morgan Robertson. This fact is supported by the fact that, despite the book's publication in 1912, it was written in 1898. " Someone was waiting for the right moment. It creates a kind of thought pattern that draws the events, thoughts, feelings and actions. Whether there are any orders for her and personalities — the question.

Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic

The elements of the matrix and "Concordia" as a symbol of Europe

Now we turn to the current odds of catastrophe. Let's start with the fact that the "Concordia" — is one of the three words on the arms of the Rothschild family, the Jewish usurers clan had settled in Europe. If the giant liner worth half a billion euros is a name associated with this notorious existing for centuries master of intrigue, enrichment through funding wars, the seizure of power and plans to buy up the world, it's about something so says ("how do you call a boat, so it float ").

Three words on the white ribbon emblem Rothschild: Concordia (Harmony), Integritas (Integrity) and Industria (Diligence).

Formally, the "Concordia" is owned by «Costa Cruises», «daughter» American (other sources of US-British) «CarnivalCorporation & Plc», that is, the Anglo-Saxons. JP Morgan — one of them. A private financial mafia structure formed with his participation on the eve of the collapse of the "Titanic" — the U.S. Federal Reserve — has formed and the world's largest public debt and the financial bubble. Holding company "Costa Concordia" is also the owner of «Cunard [Line]», which is the middle of the XIX century to compete, and then in 1934 it merged with the shipping company «White Star Line», the last owner of the "Titanic" (after which it was renamed in the Cunard White Star Line Ltd. »). That is, the owner of it is the same as that of the "Titanic" 100 years ago.

Some publishers godlikeproductions the forum thread titled "Titanic, Costa Concordia, the Fed, numerology and controlled destruction of the economy", as well as on the forum Above Top Secret argue that a well-organized and managed by the global financial crisis of the Morgan-Rockefeller empire conducts financial war of destruction Europe to its subsequent capture. To me this situation is a bit more varied. Clans of the upper echelons of the "visible" part of the backroom elite correctly perceived as a pack of predators, all of which will squabble with the other for a piece of production, but its pen, the environment, and finishing (or long-vampirizirovaniya laceration) will be more or less smoothly with others. Internal conflicts, disputes and enmity — unavoidable and occur regularly result from interactions with the animal predators and demonic types of mentality. During the "corral" production they can weave plots and within his clan pack — against each other, and this I have heard and read. Together they hold common goals, service entity to which they had sworn to serve and consciousness itself as a species, where a higher level than ordinary homo sapiens.

The repetition of the matrix of images on the left — lying on its side, "Concordia" on the right — one of the initial frames of film-catastrophe "2012" — a toy boat, abandoned Indian boy in a puddle in the street

Cursory list mystical coincidence of place names associated with the "Concordia", leading to ancient times and have no less profound symbolism (as I think they are related to a character matrix coding of events). For the sake of brevity, I'll just highlight the main points and details would be correct to make in a separate publication. It happened (or rather, had to happen) off the coast of Italy, the historical successor to the Roman Empire. Regularly performed "Concord" route ran from the port Chivitavechya (Civitavecchia) near Rome port of Savona (Savona) — and vice versa. The word «Civitavecchia» in Italian means "old town", and consonant "sivilt vecchia» («old-civilization"), by which we mean "old woman-Europe." Besides himself g.Savona — a historic rival of Genoa, a medieval trade and financial center.

Not far from the wreck of Concordia is an Italian city of Assisi, known to all by the name of the founder of the Franciscan Order, St. Francis of Assisi. At the end of October 2011 in the city hosted a summit of heads of world religions, Pope Benedict XVI made an ecumenical prayer, attended by representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. This meeting and joint prayers were to "serve the cause of peace and tolerance." But after 2.5 months in the same part of the world, "a symbol of peace and reconciliation in Europe" was almost sunk with all four thousand passengers and crew members. And in another part of the world facing the Strait of Hormuz to give rise to the beginning of a major war. Pray for peace — prepare for war?

Two years after the sinking of the "Titanic" began World War I, which had already long ago was listed in the plans of secret societies. Against the background of the current saber rattling, threatening political controversy and war hysteria in the media as if for no reason, no reason "is" another "Titanic" … coincidence? But after plenty of "sacrifice Concordia" was to take place off the coast of Italy, the successor of the Roman Empire! Stood on the bridge [8] Italian. That is, according to the probable scenario-matrix image of the Roman Empire, the overgrown borders of the EU, has led "the reef" [9], a Central Bank, the economy and all the people of Europe to boot. More precisely, it led. The measure of responsibility for playing such roles, some just a desire to "go" overboard.

And some more recent "discoveries." Coincidence or not, the French supersonic airliner of Air France, a fiery accident that forced the world tremble in July of 2000, was called "Concord." This disaster was the beginning of the end of a big project and a big corporation.

June 12, 2010 a fire caused by a lightning strike allegedly destroyed 90% of the production facilities of "Concordia" (Kaliningrad), which published a large volume of meat products for the restaurant chain "McDonald's."

Name "Concordia" is used in the popular sci-fi series "The visitors (" V ")». Arriving on Earth Reptoid aliens led by "Queen" Anna launch "Project Concordia" associated with the provision of humanity extraterrestrial technologies and clean "blue energy". However, in the disinterested in word statements alien is evil plan of destroying people through genetic manipulation of human DNA ("Red Sky", which throws the red rain) and turning them into "biomass" to create hybrids "visitors", capable of living on Earth. The abundance of a large number of strange coincidences allows us to consider this a weak plot teleopus as something more than an empty fantasy — as a matrix programming.

"Titanic" (Titan), as "Olympic" (Olympus), [10] — were named originating from Greek (and actually even earlier, Mesopotamian) mythology. But they are not alone. Concordia name the ancient Romans called the goddess of harmony, peace and harmony. Reference: "The religion of the Roman goddess Concordia was the agreement, understanding, and marital harmony. It was analogous to the Greek Harmonia ». Indeed, by all appearances, attributes and usable currency liner "Concordia" — a symbol of the European Union. Accordingly, «Costa Concordia» — a "Shore Concord" [and harmony] Europe. And in support of Wikipedia adds: "The name [of the cruise ship] is willing to" sustained harmony, unity and peace among the peoples of Europe '. "

The airliner crashed near the Italian island of Giglio (Giglio). In Italian, the word means "lily". In Latin, the same word means "goat." As you know, the lily — is on the one hand a symbol of royal power of the European aristocracy (Merovingian), and on the other — a symbol of the Priory of Sion. Hoofed horned animal — a goat (goat) — it is a symbol of Satan (a cross between a woman and a goat). In addition, the area of Concordia crash Italians call Argentario — "liquid silver (mercury)." This concept is associated with the goddess of the moon, Diana. Incidentally, in the past, on the island of Giglio of the Temple of Diana. In the cult of Diana Illuminati "in the good old tradition of" sacrifice. [11]

The Rothschilds, like other modern Levites, not randomly chosen as its symbol was a lily. But that's for a separate publication. But a small series of images (see below) speaks for itself.

Fleur-de-lis, the symbol of the Merovingians, and the logo of the Zion community "Priory of Sion"

Lily was the official symbol of the province of Ehud (Jewish province of the Persian Empire) and minted the coins, produced in this province in the IV century BC

Lily on old and new Jewish coin (1 Shekel) [12]

Lily as a symbol of the Jewish "Star of David"

In terms of matrix management, embedded in the media and increased billions of individual thinking machines (brain) value and sounding phrase "Catastrophe Concordia" saturated the earth thought form noosphere-antipode name of the goddess of harmony — that is, the sense of "dissonance, discord, strife, discord."

In the name of the operator, "Concordia" — corporations «Carnival Corporation & Plc» («Carnival Corporation") is also a "second bottom" symbolism. The word "carnival" is probably derived from the name of the Roman goddess of Karna, transporting souls to the next world. Carnival mask mystery (on the faces of participants) — has long been associated as a stable with Freemasonry (remember the movie "Eyes Wide Shut"), and with the removal procedure and imposing the death masks. 'Male equivalent of "named Karna in Greek — is Charon, Horon, Chiron (apparently, hence the word" bury "). So "Karanavalnaya Corporation" — at the level of the oldest symbols of this "Funeral Corporation" Rothschild! — And for their subsistence money lenders, added hypostasis gravediggers.

Comes to mind is the fact that in ancient times human sacrifices were made "in exchange" for getting rid of a disaster or misfortune. These days, the regulators of the world economy and the authors of biblical-usurious concept is a problem, and is ready excuse for the atoning sacrifice for the sake of getting rid of it: the crisis, planned to "reset" of virtual trillion (with capture real wealth and resources), and the transfer of human on a principle of governance.

According to Italian authorities, on January 23, missing numbers about 20 people (including 4 crew members). Among the victims Germans (14), Italian (6) French (4) Americans (2) and one of the Hungarians, Indians, and Peruvians. Killed 15 people. That is the final death toll could be up to 35 people. Fortunately, the citizens of Russia, which the "Concordia" There were 111 people, were not injured. In runet you can see the video — and published impressions of a Russian passenger liner, photographer Sergey Alfimova. When in the midst of events sounded team duplicated Romanian Moldavian polyglot Domnica Kemortan (see below) to return to their cabins, Germans dutifully obeyed, and Russian obscenely rebelled, calling Captain Skettino "beast" [13] and organized a rescue operation. Bottom line: the Germans lost the most (14), Russian — not one.

British media have also noted that "all 35 British passengers were rescued and did not suffer" (they were evacuated quickly and clearly.) In recent months, according to media reports and the statements of major British politicians, it became apparent that, obosablivayas from European financial problems in the sense that "we and their own problems," Britain gives to the world that "the collapse of the euro zone plans." Here it is useful to note that a considerable number of researchers predicted 30-year-old "charismatic Prince Willy" (born in 1982) the future role of the leader of the New World Order. For a country that actively practice the principle of "divide and conquer" method and implements management "problem-reaction-solution", these forecasts are not without reason and logic. However, it is Britain — not the only player in the great global game …

About occurring scale preparations — namely the IMF plans to introduce a new world currency, recently warned U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul. Announce a decision about this, of course, should be participating in the conference of the Bilderberg Group (2009), Christine Lagarde, who was elevated to the post of head of the IMF, in place of the deposed through a mock sex scandal of Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

One can cite a long list of reasons and authoritative opinions, but I think, and so it is clear that Europe is "doomed" to ignore regardless of the existence of a worldwide conspiracy or outrage at this very fact. Just go back to the epigraph of this article and to see a round-up to ensure swift and irreversible "change." Besides plans secret societies are (members of these societies and the puppet masters behind them), the most important thing, which is approaching the coming of the kingdom of Lucifer. For the "labeling" of the matrix structure-management plans of their authors introduce them characteristic "watermark": symbols, numbers, and names. For those who do not know about them and know they are not necessary, and those who know will understand without explanation.

Those who see the death of Princess Diana (31 August 1997), an ordinary car accident due to negative circumstances, it is hardly overpower hundred pages setting out the match, due to the symbolism and occult rituals since ancient Mesopotamia from the same D. Ike. [14] And the people in the know will recognize correctly (as if for an ordinary event) certain programmers messages addressed to the unconscious and the time-space hologram, followed by serious consequences and profound changes. Such is the matrix …

Numerology and untested, but remarkable facts and assumptions

Now consider some of the features of "Titanic," the twenty-first century. As can be seen from the table (see below), "Concordia" significantly exceeded "Titanic" in size, had twice the displacement and was one of the largest cruise ships in the world (the status of an elite cruise ship commits to megalomania)

"Costa Concordia"
269 m
290 m
28 m
35 m
52,310 tons
114,500 tons
908 people
1023 people
Passenger capacity
2556 people
3216 people
To better understand the immense size of this personification of luxury and power, give a graphic image having as large-scale elements 11-meter passenger bus and Airbus A380. With a length of about 300 m and a weight of 110 tons of "Concordia" is totally unsupportable "subject." As brushed aside in one article, "It's like the Empire State Building, laid on the ground." (The answer to the question "What do you do with such a large object Grounded?" No one knows.)

Similarity "Concordia" from "Titanic" did not fail to take advantage and filmmakers. The very famous Jean-Luc Goddard, took on board the liner film Symphony in Three Acts, "about the end of a sinister world where money rules" under the title "Film Socialism" (2010). As the brief description, "the action of this film takes place on a cruise ship, which brings together a Moscow police officer, a war criminal of unknown origin, a French philosopher, American singer, Palestinian Ambassador and former double agent." In the summer of 2010, this film was a member of the International Cannes Film Festival. Among the topics raised in it: Europe ("Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" — and this is the motto of the Masons), the relationship between parents and children, human quality, etc. Those who have not seen the movie, can read reviews online Film search.

Still from the film "Film Socialism"

As noted by the newspaper «Sunday Mirror», «one of the British girls from the company, which was on board the ship, was 22-year-old Leon Amelia (Amelia Leon) from Birmingham, a descendant of one of the most legendary violinists, [the game on a sinking" Titanic "] ". In addition to her on the boat was at least one other passenger with a descendant of "Titanic." No less mystical looks, and the fact that at the time when the "Concordia" suffered disaster in a heap on the side, on-board sounded keynote song from "Titanic" David Cameron! Is such a sinister chord "backstage" humor …

It is also noteworthy that the following picture from an article in the Spanish El Mundo «Story of a tragic coincidence" portrays the "Costa Concordia" (issued for the "Titanic") shortly before the January disaster. Behind the back girl a model, dressed in the style of Kate Uinstlet kemeronskogo "Titanic" but the liner on the pictures and see the rescue boat — the same man who three weeks after these pictures were taken, took part in the rescue of passengers brooks disaster "Concordia".

The crash occurred in the "black Friday", January 13, 2012, at approximately 21:30 local time. It is worth noting that the matrix binding to the "bad luck" and "unlucky" numbers there has been a further 2 September 2005, during the descent, "Concordia" on the water when the traditional bottle of champagne for some reason did not break against the side of the liner.

If we make a simple calculation, we find that a cruise ship accident occurred 100 years after the legendary "Titanic" (with a difference of exactly 3 months). This is — an example of a Freemason-Illuminati "kaballistkogo marker": time "Titanic" and "Concord" shared 99 years and 9 months. This is seen as the number 999 (industrial test precious metals) and as the mirror image of the Beast — 666! [15]

Attention is drawn to the fact that this "Black Friday" was the last before the upcoming centennial catastrophe "Titanic." Between the dates of disasters — not 91 days, and 100 years (which can be written as 91-100 or 91 100). If we compare the number of days between Friday, January 13, 2012 to Friday, December 21, 2012, it is 11 months and 9 days [16] or 344 days or 49 weeks. Two planned Zionist [17] attack — in the U.S. (September 11, 2001) and the European Madrid (11 March 2004) — share exactly 911 days.

You can pay attention to the very date of the disaster off the coast of Italy. In the international system of dating is 13/01/2012. Date of "symmetric". On the right and left of the center in the amount we have 5. "Mirror" right number "113" — a favorite combination numerological Illuminati. In occult numerology Illuminati number "5" — the number of deaths.

There often appears in the publication number "13" has a definite historical origin. In the secret orders, historically associated with the Knights Templar, a baker's dozen (like date and number) is unfortunate since, on Friday October 13, 1307 (by order of the French King Philip IV the Fair and with the approval of Pope Clement V) were caught and subjected to torture and executions of the Knights Templar. However, some of them fled to England with a considerable amount of their wealth, revenge "offenders" (in accordance with the curse of the Pope and the King, were recited by Jacques DeMolay while burning at the stake), and became the forerunner of a number of awards and the modern Freemasons, and one of the composite branches of the current "financial International." Accordingly, some demonstrative actions, arranged backstage groups were often confined to that date.

Experts wondered how the ship, which ran on this route 52 times a year (that's the "Black Friday" a leap year, when actually made cautious) could deviate from their course for 4 miles, so come close to shore, and got a hole so quickly over. The commentators go on about the incredible string of fatal errors, any of which could have been avoided. But such a "scheme" is fully consistent with the architecture of recent disasters: the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (2010), and Fukushima (2011) — the most recent example of such a "programmed" in the accident. Among the available official versions and assumptions — the human factor and technical failure or a combination of these two factors. Just as in the case of the "Titanic."

Liner, rolled off to the side. Satellite view and from the surrounding rocks on. Gigli

"Costa Concordia" slammed into a block of coastal reef (reef), the length of rupture of the body on the left side was 70 meters but the strange thing: the first reports gave a very different picture (see chart below). After leaving the port Chivitavechya, liner almost immediately began to deviate from the usual course, and when the deflection reached 4 miles, about 20 kilometers from the island of Giglio "Concordia" ran into a reef. If, before the "landing" on the rocks. Giglio ship has been damaged, there are questions about the much earlier events. Thus, in some publications reported that the ship could have been an explosion. In any case, if damaged correct would be to go to the island nearby, instead of returning to port Chivitavechya.

Route liner: normal (purple) and the day of the disaster (red dotted line). The first mark — a collision with a reef. The second cross — the release liner on the rocks of the island Gigli.

Trajectory "Concordia" in the last minutes before the stranding.

Torn aboard Concordia in three angles

Deviate from the course in order to "please the older waiter, who hails from this place," or "to impress a former colleague-captain on the bank" (which supposedly was not at home) — obvious nonsense for a person operating a vessel worth half a billion euros, carrying 4,200 . [18] However, the presence of (dyed) blonde, who was with the captain, and then disappeared from view the media — it's interesting.

Some authors of publications linked by Italian rescuers use explosives with an attempt to mask the effects of explosions that occurred on the liner before striking the reef. Damage the engine parts using explosions, accompanied by an electromagnetic pulse — a sign of a planned raid.

Explosions at Concordia to get access to the inside of the liner in the course of the rescue operation

Among the rather fantastic versions called hacking navigation system GPS, explosion in the engine room, and the use of electromagnetic pulses to do damage control, communication systems, power supply, etc. Such means of warfare can be used by terrorist groups and states, the ongoing fighting, the subject is a long time at the hearing. In particular, this is discussed in the U.S. Congress in 2008.

Cover of the report to Congress, prepared by Clay Wilson

As an indirect argument cites the fact that on January 14 this year, 17 million people in Turkey (Istanbul and six provinces) remained without electricity. Allegedly as a result of failure of systems of power plants using natural gas, followed by a power outage for a few hours. They say all signs situation like a result of exposure to electromagnetic pulse. As an argument called that since September 2011, the Turkey were preparing for the commissioning of a powerful radar to track NATO launches Iranian missiles. Such systems have some warships the U.S. Navy.

Anyway, the decoding of black boxes should clarify plausibility "electromagnetic version of" cause of the accident (if the committee will work to obtain objective data), but it seems to me that the work so rude — not in the spirit of professionals structureless management. Moreover, as in the case of A. Breivik (Zionist puppets), we are likely to witness again the absurd reports and hearings. Practice shows that in Europe has long been all on one side.

January 19 news stream media has been replicated story with subtle hint thick circumstances. Allegedly "at the very moment when [Skettino] took the cruise liner to the shores of the rocky island of Giglio, next to him was a young woman who is not listed among the crew or among the passengers. [Report] that it is a 25-year-Moldavanka named Domnica Chemortan. " Video.

Thus, the channel «FoxNews» reported that at 20:45, an hour before the collision with a submerged rock, "the captain saw dined with some mysterious woman who may be on board illegally."

Moldavian Domnica Chemortan (with different color hair) (according to some media reports, an employee of the company «CostaCrociere»)

"Blonde" in the prophecy of the Web Bot HalfPastHuman

Some commentators saw in "Legally Blonde," a red-haired German girl, Angela Merkel (as the leader of the "locomotive EU, Germany"), someone — British dancer Rose Metcalf (Rose Metcalf, — that which is sent out to your twitter posts from sinking "Concordia ").

I also think that the case is just a dyed blonde under Moldavanka Domnica Chemortan, which missed out on the side of the ship on the personal order of Captain Skettino, and that shortly before the crash seen with him on the bridge. Let me remind you of an emergency in five languages, she demanded that the passengers to return to their cabins — when the situation has posed a threat to the lives of passengers. (Of course, a reporter's question about the relationship with the captain, "Concordia", she replied in the negative.)

Picture Web bot halfpasthuman with the motto "We look to the future with adventures"

On this account the following information in the form of one of the predictions of the "well-known in certain circles," Web Bot nicknamed ("semi-after-man"), made on 5 December 2011 (report «Shape of Things to Come» («Outlines future ») report # 23, Dec. 5, 2011, issue number 13, published December 13, 2011). Text [19] obryvochen and embarrassed by his imagery, in my interpretation of the translation is:

"Further support [function] [hidden underwater] supporting sets [reference kits?] [Financial system] on the second level includes images of ships, with holes that will fly on a bank and collapse under its own weight of predatory international financial structure. By themselves, these (not representing a particular interest and are generally not worthwhile) carrier sets include [and] some blonde [lawyer?], [And] in the medium term (in December?) Will be very visible time stamp — as [to] bright lights of the end of the old market paradigm. From [received] of the data revealed a well-dressed blonde [involvement?] To the incident in the hallway under the deck (?) To traverse (on routes / corridors?) Authority that the crowd will be a symbol of corruption tops. In many respects this [blonde] crashing power is the Marie Antoinette of our time — this current era of revolutions. Anyone with folly to continue to believe and trust documents "paper" debt can get a date with the broken pieces of belief in in-line opposition to blonde ambition and common sense. Should not be underestimated [miss] that these data relate to the boats, and ships that have leaks, and ships, impinging on a bank. "

Once the theme [of duality (dueliruyuschih opposites)] during the winter of 2012-inherit [the] data, in the market changed direction, although [slowly] and [painful] [?] Through [drowning / under water].

Near the peak of the growing linguistic and symbolic power in March 2012 [Underwater / sunk] is replaced by the archetype archetype [flame / fire].

This archetype [flame / fire] immediately [attracts] interest because it also expresses a larger linguistic-symbolic duality [consisting in] the fact that the carrier set at the primary level are composed of [outbreak] and [foment / fuse] . The sum of all bearing sets leads us to handle [the fire], but, as already noted, in this case it [heat] is described as both [absorbs / eats] and [kindling]. The data sets in the carrier [function] entry level show [duality], even at the level of the increment — is that these arrays are definitely separate, and at the same time carrying the [reference]. "

References: (section "So, Where's the Blonde?" — «Well, where is this blonde?") And

This is only part of volume 30-page document, which has a large number of sub-sections, and it remains to be explored more carefully. A selection to the more condensed and understandable way I see it that way. The global economy, [disease sites usurious lending rate], collapsing under the weight of mountains unsecured dollar bills, and fractures under its own weight, as "Titanic." The episode "with a blonde on the ship" will be ending the old market system. Those who continue to cling to the old crash. Next — the image of a sinking ship, stranded boats and … Spring is a movement in the markets. In March of that which was hidden, is ignited and begins a sort of "self-sustaining combustion." You have to understand will burn monetary system. To think that this will be the fires of war, such as hate.

Rose Metcalf with his girlfriend on board the "Concordia"

If the "Concordia" — is the European Union, what awaits Europe?

The notes "Sign: Decks« Costa Concordia »were called 13 EU countries" [20], "This ship-Europe in miniature" to "our tips" are amusing scheme and lettering.

Of the 17 decks (the same for today and the EU) are for 14 passengers. 13 decks have names of EU member states and Europe. And the 13th in a row and is located on the top deck of the smallest is called Poland. That is, the "baker's dozen" was included in the "Concord" at the design stage — again, most likely the project owner, to match it.

Six decks aft of the ship:

Svezia (Sweden) / Sweden (still outside the euro area) (underlined in EU countries)

Grecia (Greece) / Greece

Gran Bretagna (Great Britannia, UK) / United Kingdom (so far outside the euro area)

Portogallo (Portugal) / Portugal

Germania (Germany) / Germany

Austria / Austria,

And seven in the nose:

Orlanda (Netherlands) / Netherlands

Belgio (Belgium) / Belgium

Italia (Italy) / Italy

Irlanda (Ireland) / Ireland

Francia (France) / France

Spagna (Spain) / Spain

Polonia (Poland) / Poland (still outside the euro area)

Before The following page is a list of the decks and their plans had been removed from the network, "Pathfinders" managed to capture her image.

Layout deck liner, published in the journal «Economist» for November 2011

Amid reports of loss of life and experiences of survivors flashed messages on the introduction of the crash in a state of emergency: that from the depths of overturned cruise ship began to flow fluid of unknown origin … Later mentioned solvents and detergents. Started environmental pollution area protected island Gigli.

Introduction emergencies — is that the U.S. has long been predicted. For the EU — if we assume that the events associated with the crash, the collapse of the European Union laid the matrix in the coming months — a lot can be read between the lines. Illuminati rituals — no joke. Why Captain Skettino escaped from the ship and carried a nonsense when talking to the Coast Guard? Perhaps he knew that Concordia — the victim, and therefore, the victims should be and its passengers (citizens of many countries, mainly the EU). So what brought the "victim" half a billion euros and 15 human lives should represents the European Union. It is no coincidence that it was the evening of 13 January (almost simultaneously with the collapse of the liner with 13 decks-states — the symbols of the Old World) rating agency S & P downgraded the credit rating of nine eurozone countries: one step for France, Austria, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia, and Stage 2 — for Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Portugal.

In synchronized collapse of Concord and lows, it would seem, "unsinkable" rating of the euro area is seen a strong signal, "black label" regional elites and not to seize the capital and wealth. Europe (judging by the names of ship decks, in the broad sense, not just the EU) will "drop, heat and keep the water" (had so much fun at the Holy Office). Bled and exhausting it, and having bought it for a song debts and assets over time be designated the new puppet masters (some corporations). Well, and social issues, racial, national and cultural sites will be "cut down or delay tighter" has new owners, "the old woman-Europe." Will we see a clear manifestation of inter-clan fighting behind the scenes — an open question. The contradictions and conflicts between the reasons for the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans and other families have. Who will "separate" these poles of global power — will soon become clear. See the big picture and build up world, is not inconsistent with the course of the Universal Plan — one of the tasks at this stage. Risen above the challenge will see the solution.

And a few words in conclusion. The fact that for the first time is a tragedy, the second time as farce or repeated performance. January 22, 2012 television viewers «Russia Today» witnessed "merry shearing masks" in reckless transmission Max Keiser «Keiser Report» (Episode 239). In the first part of the transfer of his companion was Stacy Herbert (Stacy Herbert), and then — a former oil market regulator, Chris Cook (Chris Cook). Participants in the program clearly and vividly, in the spirit of stedencheskih "skits" showed that the events around the "Concord" and the behavior of the captain is Skettino performance, built on the principles of commercial law of the sea (in the English language, some important laws and trade terms are "sea" origin ) and the principles of "the absurd spectacle of Wall Street."

Captain Francesco Skettino (FrancescoSchettino)

Comparing the collapse of the world economy and the banking sector with going to the bottom of the sea vessel ("Titanic"), and characterizing the behavior and quotes from key figures of the Fed, governments and speculators players, Kaiser and Herbert led apt comparison with the "eccentricities" Captain Skettino. In response to the calls of employees port he insists that the ship electrical problems, and everything is in order. (This is similar to what was happening with the global economy, when all sides there were signs that something was wrong, and the financial management of high-level solid "everything is OK.") That Skettino in response to an order from the Coast Guard to return on board the vessel in distress carrying nonsense that he tripped and fell over the side (and thus was in the boat), and any does not want to return to the sinking ship, seized by panic. (Obama, Bernanke, Bush should have done as the Coast Guard, minted: you ruined the case, now I'm in charge here — and start the order.) An amusing half-hour show! For those who are sufficiently hints, it was said enough to understand Skettino played a role specifically written for him, in fact, repeating the words of the world's financial tycoons.

Talk to the second party was no less remarkable. Insider Chris Cook predicted that the oil market is ready for a hard landing for the dive into chaos yet stable countries OPEC (like Saudi Arabia) and consumer countries — in scoring and artificial murderous hold on to the world economy level of oil prices and their subsequent rapid collapse to 55 or less per barrel. Analyzing the situation with hedging and buying oil industry structures are not involved in the actual production of energy, Cook gave some interesting details on the actions and statements of players and characters, like Goldman Sachs, British Petroleum, British Prime Minister John Brown and Peter Sutherland, (by the way is directly related to the financial interests of the Vatican).

Incidentally, on the same day (9 th after the crash and the deaths of at least 15passazhirov) Channel «Discovery World» documentary film that same David Cameron's "Titanic's final secret." So the Matrix was pleased to observe this day ritual day … But Matrix "Matrix" — are different.

"Concordia" was more of "Titanic," and the people on it were more than that fateful voyage across the Atlantic in 1912. But something the organizers of the disaster went "wrong", and rather terrible reports, media reports poluanekdotichnye reports curiosities like the flight captain and crew, or the commander of a giant ship, who had forgotten everything and ohmuryat lady from Romania, and other nonsense. Farce.

Scuba "photo in memory"

However, the plan "behind the scenes" — a thing more than serious. Stated her task — is to reduce the human population by 90% by any means (from the sluggish routine chemical / genetic / biological / radionuclide / electromagnetic (etc.) genocide to the "hot" World War II), followed by the new world order (neo-feudalism) and the Vatican as a "ruler of all souls." And as part of the script designated by "Concordia", "old granny Europe ordered to live long." The collapse of the economy, rising social tensions and violence, the Islamic factor and surprises like contaminated vegetables, climate anomalies and food problems, isolation and nationalism, turning into neo-Nazism — just some of the images that arise before your eyes. What they have there for more aces up his sleeve?

Obviously, a great disaster orchestrated the "regulators" did not work. Someone or something to stop them. There comes to mind the words verse 54 (the Quran) in the translation Osmanova: "Jews cheated, and Allah schemed, and Allah — the most perfect of schemers." Playing with marked cards of the universe will inevitably be plucked to "clip jokers." Universe "straighten" what already threatens life on Earth approximately how our body copes with small infection like the common cold. And we'll help him in this.

English translation, compilation and comments: Sister Mercy

[1] — A method (matrix) dynamic programming (MDP), see in particular: "On the current situation», № 6 (102), 2011. (Results of the elections to the Duma, political perspectives and direct "matrix-aggregorial democracy"), "The Matrix, however: the repetition of the story?" (07/20/2011) (premise of the scenario eliminate "propaganda station" of capitalism, holding on to the "golden calf") , "On the discharge of destructive anti-Russian Matrix," "Russian society and the submarine" Kursk "12 August 2000", "The Matrix" The Matrix "- are different", V. Beekeeper "The Last Gambit" (mystical-philosophical political thriller), "The Matrix" (a collection of book-movie trilogy "The Matrix"), "On the dynamic programming of the future in the work of A. Pushkin "," aggregorial-matrix management "," aggregorial-matrix control (APPENDIX: Answers to questions). " Some examples of the programming of the future and long-term management plans for humanity: "The New World Order: The plans, disclosed an insider in 1969" (parts 2, 3 and 4), "Goodbye, America! You already otpeli! "" Metastasis Gulf h 3.11 "and" Countdown to the alien invasion. "

[2] — In the paper "On the current situation», № 6 (102), 2011 (Results of the elections to the Duma, political perspectives and direct "matrix-aggregorial democracy") and "The Matrix, however: the repetition of the story?" Outlining certain premises, historical parallels and forecasts events associated with the controlled dismantling of vehicles biblical concept.

[3] — See "conspiratorial" Fund X "wanted to buy the British government?" I note that the process described in this article has remained virtually unnoticed in the Western media: virtually none of the readers of this thread, "do not know".

[4] — I've seen the claim that on the Titanic (together with these people) and had to go with the master of the vessel, JP Morgan. But whether it was the last moment, "he changed his mind," or from his trip (which today would be worth 57,000 dollars), dissuaded him who knew Nikola Tesla, who allegedly had a premonition or somehow knew about the impending disaster. Anyway, when competitors and potential adversaries the enactment of the Federal Reserve came aboard, Morgan canceled his cruise.

[5] — is worth to note that this date corresponds to the date of the selection criteria for regime change, social management, remembered: a series of articles titled "The plans, disclosed an insider in 1969."

[6] — By various estimates, the "Titanic" were from 2201 to 2228 people (about 1,300 passengers and 892 teams). Survived 705.

[7] — California stopped because he was surrounded by icebergs.

[8] — However, the specific seat and posture Skettino before and at the time of the collision with the reef is now trying to find out by investigators.

[9] — The remarkable detail. Very often heard in recent years in English-speaking media term «bailout» (in the context of "crisis response" and the rescue of Greece, banks and other "distressed") is also set to "bail out a boat, [which has a leak]" .

[10] — Titanic — the second of three ships of the twin type "Olympic.

[11] — The cult of Diana David Ike detail in the book "Children of the Matrix» (Children of the Matrix) c.41-174. More information about the symbols and numerology Illuminati see branch (Illuminati Symbols and Their Meanings) http://www.godlikeproductions .com/forum1/message1756637/pg3

[12] — It's interesting. Prime Minister of Israel, Peres is known for, hit Israeli shekel, he spent a denomination of currency and issued new money — new shekel. At the very way of this new series of coins was minted lily — a symbol of the Priory of Sion.

[13] — reported the following scandalous details: 1). Captain Skettino allegedly left the ship and its crew at the beginning of the evacuation, pre-cleaned out a safe and 2). Witnesses claim to have seen swathed in a blanket of captain in the boat, which was moving towards the coast at 23:30, that is, long before the end of the evacuation. 3). Without the captain of the liner mess started, and the members of the crew pushes women and children to make their way to the boats. Saves all — as best they could. The list does not end there.

[14] — David Icke "Children of the Matrix" pp. 177-288.

[15] — I would note that the numerological connection "Titanic" 9-11 and "Concordia" is dedicated forum thread "Titanic vs. Concordia: the relationship with [the attacks] 11 September." Among the predictions of "unfavorable in numerology" dates for the next period called on March 30 and April 24, 2012. Although the predicted date of "true" is very rare.

[16] — If we consider the whole number of months, and the difference between 13 and 21 December.

[17] — Related documentary evidence and the testimony of numerous Israeli intelligence involvement in the terrorist attacks in the United States devoted to entire sites with a mass of documents, investigations and videos. Many references can be found on youtube here.

[18] — probably (as in the case with the buildings of New York's Twin Towers and the BP oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico) will eventually become known insurance terms "Concord", and find out how many have lost or earned her shipowners. This ship could not be insured.

[19] — A certain senior programmer under the name Cliff (Cliff) developed the software in the language of «Prolog», by which supposedly interacts with the "collective unconscious" (so-called preconscious perception). The method itself is called "The process of asymmetric language trend analysis» (ALTA Process). When you run the Internet search modules "spiders", the output is a phrase that can be associated with how people would change it in the reflection of thought processes that they would cause an event. This is not a remote sensing (remote viewing, in which the subject is a human perception), and work with a kind of "black box".

[20] — A list of 17 EU member states: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy,

Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Estonia (underlined in the country, named the "Concordia"). In all, about fifty European countries.

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