The collapse of the U.S. scenario

The collapse of the U.S. scenarioThe dynamics of political events in the United States can come to a conclusion about the most acute internal political decline after plainclothes War

Yankees million from all 50 states require after November 6th release his own state of the United States. In Texas, requiring the separation of ownership of the secured and safe state for more than 100 thousand people. But back in 2009, the eminent actor Chuck Norris appointed himself the leading candidate for the post of president of the modern self-contained country — Texas. In this case, the arguments he used mine. America's moral decay, decline in production, lack of faith in Obama, stealing Washington bureaucrats — a full set of … This crisis dynamics of political events in the United States after winning the presidential election of Barack Obama can come to a conclusion about the most acute internal decline, after Civilian war (1861-1865 g).

Such uncontrolled actions can lead to chaos in the country United States. The dominant model of the last century Colonial Liberalism is close to collapse. It is a question of the ability of the creation of the position is familiar to us Hassle collapse of the Russian Empire after komplota British intelligence and the overthrow of the Tsar in February 1917. Action then developed with indescribable swiftness, and the authorities simply do not have time to react. Delayed response of the U.S. authorities on the flooding in New York, etc. indicate that South American system of management and decision-making can not act well in crisis situations. Even the fact that the U.S. has humanitarian aid from Russia after Hurricane Sandy (two military transport aircraft Il-76 from Russia were brought to New-york 50 tons of humanitarian aid), says that the U.S. is really a severe financial, economic, moral and ecological position.

In the book of American Management Professional Jackson Grayson Jr. and Charles O'Dell "South american management at the threshold of the 21st century, "published in 1991, states that the U.S. is the largest debtor in the world. "In 1986, the total external debt headed for 264 billion dollars. The rapid transformation of the world naikrupneyshgo naikrupneyshgo creditor of the debtor in the world that has taken place in just 5 years old, stunning and has no precedent in history. " For every Yankees (including children), as calculated by American managers, in 1990, accounted for a debt of 35 thousand dollars. According to their forecast, the external debt by 1995 has been achieved 700-900 billion dollars. Let me remind you that at the moment outside the U.S. debt over 16 trillion dollars.

Map of the potential collapse of the U.S. into 6 parts I did back in August 1998. With its design takes into account, first, economic and ethnic differences between the U.S. states. The principal factor that I took into account was the story of America. After a long time, Alaska came into the Russian Empire, and Texas, for example, has been an independent state. After California became part of the U.S. is very late, in the middle of the 19th century. Atlantic America is very different from the Pacific America, and there is dominated by money capital. In America, the Pacific is dominated by computer technology. But not many people know that 80% of laptops made in China. Very huge economic ties between the Atlantic America and China.

September 9, 1998, when the United States was at the peak of their own power and nothing is promised a systemic crisis such as now, I'm really the first time stated on the ability of the collapse of the U.S. into 6 parts. No negative indicator was not there. In November 2012 — a crisis situation.

As part of running in the 2011 democracy programs from electrical We The People whitewashed house has pledged to respond to any public initiatives that collect 25 thousand signatures in 30 days. Petition in favor of the independence of Louisiana was located on the website of white houses already on the following day after the presidential election, November 7, and the petition for disconnection of Texas on November 9. Then the situation began to develop quickly, and on November 16 petition received them all 50 U.S. states.

Petition people of America to the U.S. president:

1. Please peacefully secede from the United States and to make their own new government, ie direct claim of a peaceful solution of the Texas USA.

2. Claims — dismissive attitude of the government in economic matters, outrageous violation of the rights of people the United States.

3. Louisiana claimed the conversion results of votes.

Petitions U.S. men they say that the United States ran over, in fact, to the second phase of preparation for the break-up. Some international and Russian media or impose information that some U.S. citizens simply are not happy with the choice to either take away everything in the plane only economic problems.

One million people who signed the petition — a harsh call for the authorities in the United States. Barack Obama will be obliged to respond, in accordance with the current South American law, as in 7 states already exceeded the threshold of 25 thousand people, which is needed in order to officially respond to these demands. While it is clear that the current administration is at a loss and does not know how to respond to these legitimate demands.

USA: SCENARIO DECAY number 1. Chaos — a complete collapse and high-spirited.

Delayed reaction of the U.S. government to the hurricane "Sandy", the growing number of petitions States (all 50 states), etc. showed no benefit of the American system of governance and decision-making. Recall that South American military bases are located in 130 countries around the world. And, most of all, the system of management may be lost as a result of the deployment of uncontrollable events in the country United States. Predict the emergence of new centers of power, the balance of interests is very difficult in the case of such scenarios. Apparently, unfold angry situational struggle for "American heritage." It will be followed by a string of uncontrollable conflicts in areas across the planet. It should be emphasized that this scenario is the most indescribable and malorealizuemym. Percentage of its implementation is very small.

USA: SCENARIO DECAY number 2 — The disintegration of Yugoslavia, the U.S. model (worst case scenario).

The possibility of such versions of events there. It proved the existence of tremendous weapon in the arsenal of the U.S. population, which in the event of disintegration processes will be a source of uncontrolled processes. In addition, there are quite a huge controversy between the South American states, which dramatically exacerbated in the case of financial and economic collapse, superior stateliness Depression. Moreover, after the crisis began selling firearms the U.S. population grew by 40%.

USA: SCENARIO DECAY number 3 — The disintegration of the U.S. model of Czechoslovakia.

A more balanced version of disintegration processes in the country United States. The variant may develop within the existing South American legislation. Obama is the president of the Transitional Period (one year) Will frisky separation capabilities of the federal Center (Washington, DC) and the states. In principle, the process of producing within the legal framework, under the supervision of the UN.

USA: SCENARIO DECAY number 4 Partial Chaos (Disintegration U.S. model CIS).

Partial chaos — a model
of the USSR to the CIS. The crotch of a model that can be implemented within the framework of the creation of the Confederation of 3 — Republican, Democratic and independent. Already at this point very strongly to effect the Republican Governors Association. At its base may be created by the Republican Confederation. The advantage of this scheme confederation will be what can be fully implemented the principles of the Open Society (Soros) and decentralized efficient economic system (Albright). Any of American States will have the right to freely enter into one of the 3 Confederation of American Commonwealth Confederations. This scheme has been used in part for the English empire under its own main colony — India.

Possible collapse of the U.S. will lead to global shocks. Because our home team is required to have the information to respond or Information Special Forces. The idea of the creation of the Special Forces of the information I first put forward in 2003 in his book "Information Warfare and the third Rome." The main objective of the Information Special Forces — the willingness and ability to act effectively in the global information space in a crisis situation, which is provided painstaking preparatory training, planning, and the presence of people who are able to implement planned.

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