The commander of NATO: Russia — a source of instability

U.S. Army Gen. Philip Breedlove said that due to a pause in the "reset" of relations between the U.S. and Russia Moscow will remain the "main source of instability in the region", the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News. Breedlove Obama to be approved by the Allied Commander Europe and commence duties when the U.S. Senate approves his candidacy.


In his speech in the Senate, the general also said that attempts to improve relations with Moscow while suspended, but that they should be renewed. Moreover, he said the need moving towards each other to resolve the disagreement. "It's starting to resemble a game with only one goal, and we just do what we're going to make concessions. The relative motion — here's how to develop our relations with Moscow, "the newspaper reports Bridlava words.

In connection with a string of mutual unfriendly steps, as well as differences on a range of issues, the general suggested that Russia will be a major cause of concern in the region. Therefore, "the U.S. and NATO should continue to prove their determination to partners and allies who are in a" traditional sphere of interest "in Russia, and it is invented."

At the same time, concludes the Hurriyet Daily News, Breedlove urged Russia not considered as "the enemy", but as a partner.

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