The company Adaptika: We save on sawdust


Today, more and more often we hear talk about the search for and development of alternative energy sources, fuels innovation. The importance of such a course and said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Meanwhile, in the Bryansk alternative found for a long time. The company "Adaptika" offers a wide range of elektrogazogeneratorov, dryers and hot water boilers using conventional filings.

The company "Adaptika" on the market for nine years. Their products are unique and has no analogues in the world. Elektrogazogeneratory, dryers and hot water boilers are designed by highly qualified specialists of the enterprise together with the leading scientists of the country. "Adaptika" cooperates with the Bryansk State Technical University, St. Petersburg University of Forestry, Ukrainian Research Institute.

Dryers production of "Adaptika" interested primarily woodworkers. The company offers various loading units — from 14 to 150 cubic meters. They are characterized by low maintenance and low power consumption. The fact that during the drying of materials produced steam is discharged into the atmosphere and condenses on the inner surface. The dried air at the same comes back. This operating principle can reduce energy consumption by 30% and ensures maximum return at minimum cost. Dryers from "Adaptika" can be installed in a heated, and not in a heated room. Technique can perform well even in the open.

And the engineers' Adaptika "found a way to recycle wood waste to produce a profit. As the best alternative to traditional sources of fuel they offer the usual chips and sawdust. And they can be processed using the know-how of the company — special elektrogazogeneratorov.

"Wood chips, sawdust — in large and not very woodworking enterprises such wastes a great deal. If you use them as an alternative fuel for energy, for woodworkers is very profitable, "- says the engineer, LLC" Interremmash "Oleg Frolov.

Acts this way: at high temperatures decomposes wood and a mixture of combustible gases. This combustible mixture is purified and cooled and used as fuel in boilers and other heat generators. "Adaptika" offers elektrogazogeneratory different capacities. Small installation suitable for village houses, cut off from communication. And those that are a little more, can also be used for large productions. According to estimates by using elektrogazogeneratorov "Adaptika" real energy costs are reduced tenfold. The cost of a kilowatt of energy from wood chips, is 1.2-1.3 rubles. Of peat and wood pellets — about 2 rubles. Such a splendid opportunity to save money and attracts large Lumber and managers from different countries — customers and partners, "Adaptika."

Another type of products offered by the company — hot-water boilers. Range of facilities includes three basic varieties: wood without feeding the boilers with the filing of any bulk fuel and improved installation — with supply and the gas generator. Hot water boilers from "Adaptika" are designed to get water in heating systems of buildings and industrial facilities. They do not give any harmful exhaust gives less ash and provide substantially complete combustion. As the latter can use sawdust, wood shavings, crushed bark, wood chips, all sorts of lumpy waste. Single loading enough for at least six hours, and therefore the boiler consumes very little power.

Along with this, the company "Adaptika" does not stand still and is not limited to the release has already gained popularity mnogomoschnyh automatic boilers, dryers and gas generators. Those who prefer to conduct business economically, will appreciate the new facilities — briquetting. They are mounted on the German technology and designed for the production of sawdust briquettes cylindrical shape. "These briquettes are more profitable than free-flowing fuel, as they have a higher density and therefore more calories" — explains the design engineer, LLC "Interremmash" Ivan Voschula.

In addition, "Adaptika" produces not only the equipment for the wood, but also engaged in woodworking itself. Recently, the company opened furniture and parquet production. "Adaptika" manufactures cabinets, countertops, stairs. Especially customers appreciate the scraps of oak flooring, glued ends up. According to specialists, in this floor can drive tanks and even he did not do anything. Because it is a very solid, high-strength material. Their partners' Adaptika "offers and unique products — tables of stained oak. In Russia this singular production. The material for such furniture is stored for in the depths of the river for hundreds of years. It was then carefully dried. The result is a precious stained oak, very beautiful — with noble silvery streaks. On the strength of it is not inferior stone and will serve its owner for hundreds of years.

In "Adaptika" is always happy to pick for their customers innovative solutions, suggest new ways to save money. In the near future the company — a model plant for the export of cattle to the further reception of heat and energy. Eighteen months later, the firm's management is planning to launch a small factory for the production of the five types of products. Over the last several years of development of "Adaptika" has already conquered the neighboring regions. Now, innovative technology, and slowly begin to appreciate our fellow countrymen.




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