The company Aeroflot was included in the top five European aviaholdinga

A group of "Aeroflot" for the first time in the history of domestic aircraft entered the top-5 aviaholdinga Europe and the world's top 25 airlines in terms of revenue. 

The group of global aviation majors for the first time entered the domestic company "Aeroflot", ITAR-TASS reported. One of the most influential publications in the global airline industry, the British magazine Airline Business — has published an annual ranking of World Airline Rankings, where the Russian aviaholdinga entered the top 5 European aviaholdinga in the world top 25 in terms of revenue.

The annual research report, published in the August issue of the journal, the largest Russian aviaholdinga confidently occupies the fifth place ranking of the leading carriers in Europe, ahead of such major players on the European market as Ryanair, SAS Group, EasyJet and Alitalia.

Airline Business notes that over the past 10 years, sales of "Aeroflot" has grown nearly six times that looks particularly impressive when compared with the results for the same period, the European champions, reported IA REGNUM. Compared to the financial performance of the Group's revenue in 2011 "Aeroflot" in U.S. dollars on international financial reporting standards (IFRS) increased by 51% to $ 8,138 million. Leadership of the Russian company look all the more significant when one considers that in drawing ratings Airline Business focuses, first and foremost, it is the economic component of the airline business.

In the world aviareytingah Publishing Group "Aeroflot" occupies 23rd spot in terms of revenue and 19 th? Upon fulfillment of passenger traffic. The volume of traffic is growing faster pace. In 2012, it exceeded the 2011 result of 61.9%, while the overall passenger traffic growth of European carriers, according to the newspaper, was 5.2%. On the similar indicator in the top 200 airlines worldwide "Aeroflot" has consolidated its position and rose to 27 line.

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