The company Altai seeds is working to improve the process

Leader in the production of packaged products in the region, LLC PO "Altai seeds" modernizing its production in accordance with the requirements of modern technology. Recall, the company manufactures products under well-known brands "Zoom Zoom", "Travel" and "Altai seeds." Snacks Altai manufacturer represented in major retail chains of the Siberian Federal District. 
"For two years in a reconstruction of the company invested more than 12 million rubles. Not only the hardware, but also a technological process of developing the product, "- noted in the regional management of food processing and pharmaceutical industries. 
In the past year, experts have established a modern European production line for processing sunflower seeds. Machine allows for cleaning, salting, roasting and cooling seeds. 

This summer, the company assembled in the packaging line packaging type stabile bag («worth packing"). According to experts, the uniqueness of the equipment is the use of oxygen-free environment — it allows you to increase the shelf life of the finished product. New packaging has a flat bottom which makes it more comfortable and energonomichnoy. 
As described in the profile department, another advantage of the Altai enterprise — production of a unique type of "striped" seeds, the seeds of which are available from the United States of America. Do not competitors such proposals.

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