The company Arkan presented its solutions for the monitoring and management of river and road transport based on GLONASS


The company "Arkan", the federal operator of the security services and monitoring, presents solutions for the management and monitoring of transport at the III Russian International Transport Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, which was held from May 17 to 20 in St. Petersburg.

One of the main topics of discussion was the use of the Russian GLONASS satellite system in all modes. The Round Table "Navigation Information Systems Management and Monitoring of vehicles based on global navigation satellite systems" representatives "Arkan" shared the experience of the company in the development and implementation of control and monitoring system based on satellite positioning technology GLONASS for river and road transport. Practical application monitoring solutions, "Arkan" was shown at the booth of the Transport Committee of St. Petersburg.
The monitoring system of river transport, developed by specialists of "Arkan", is designed to improve the efficiency of vessel traffic control and security staff, passengers and cargo on rivers and canals. In addition to the location and condition of the object system allows you to assign routes and plan the schedule of ships passed graphically display and planned routes to signal passing checkpoints to archive events, generate detailed reports on traffic routes and routes, the number left on ships' service, parking and violations etc.
Comprehensive solution "Arkan" is part of a project to create a system of monitoring, analysis and management of vessels on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg Department of Water Transport and integrated into a single automated system to ensure safety. All data on the movement and position of ships coming in real time to the control center of the Agency of external transport and the St. Petersburg city monitoring center. This allows for effective control of the carriers schedule traffic on city routes waterway established by the Government of St. Petersburg, and to respond to emergencies on board. Equipment "Arkan" is certified to the requirements of Federal State Institution "Russian River Register" and approved by 19 vessels for the carriage of passengers on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg.
The round table also presents solutions of "Arkan" for vehicles. Integrated security system and monitoring system based on satellite technology GLONASS — an effective tool for improving road safety and address the business challenges associated with managing transportation in small fleets, and in the transport sector of the metropolis in the construction of intelligent transport systems in the region. In the commercial segment, the introduction of "Arkan" for monitoring and fleet management gives a significant economic impact, allowing to significantly reduce operating costs and streamline business processes. Satellite-based monitoring systems can provide a wide range of security and search and navigation and information services, which helps prevent theft of vehicles, to ensure the safety of goods and the safety and comfort of the driver on the road.
To provide navigation services across the city and region through the construction of intelligent transport systems requires experience, professional competence, appropriate technological, organizational and infrastructural resources. During the 12 years of presence in the market by "Arkan" gained a great potential in the field of building systems for monitoring, management, and security for both government and commercial user groups. Unique marketing advantage monitoring solutions, "Arkan" for all modes of transport is the use of its own highly secure, resistant to interference and disruption radio "Arkan" for communication between the controller and the controlled vessel that provides reliable and secure transmission of navigation data to control centers.
The Russian international transport congress in St. Petersburg on Intelligent Transport Systems is organized with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg, the Russian Ministry of Transport and the Transport Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The grand opening of the Congress was held in the Central Museum of Communications AS Popov with the participation of Deputy Transport Minister Nikolay Asaul and Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Yury Molchanov. The event was attended by representatives of federal and regional executive authorities, heads of leading Russian and foreign companies, the scientists working on the development, implementation and operation of control systems and information systems in transport, national and international transport organizations and associations, professional associations. The Congress program included a discussion of a wide range of questions on the status and prospects of the development of ITS in Russia and in the world.

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