The company Arkan took part in the presentation of a new KIA Cee’d

  • The owner of a gift certificate ARKAN Control
  • The owner of a gift certificate ARKAN Control

The company "Arkan" was a partner of the presentation of the new KIA Cee'd. The event was held in the showroom, "NORTH AUTO", the official car dealer KIA.

The evening was spent in the best European tradition. Guests were able to visit both the French circus, and a Venetian square, and on the rainy streets of England.

The culmination of the festival was the opportunity to test the KIA Cee'd, feel its a decent level of quality and comfort, dynamics and control.

The desire to give the customer the best and most innovative unites KIA Cee'd and the company "Arkan", the federal security service operator. Satellite surveillance ARKAN — a reliable protection of transport in the modern metropolis.

Join the tens of thousands of customers who have entrusted the security of their vehicles, "Arkan", and the guests were able to "NORTH AUTO". At the event were drawn gift certificates for security ARKAN Control.

Opting for security ARKAN, fans of the brand KIA receive not only guarantee protection for you and your car, but also around the clock information, technical and legal support. Security Systems ARKAN designed with features lineup KIA. Installation is performed by highly qualified specialists, has no effect on full-vehicle systems, and does not violate the terms of the guarantee. 

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