The company Arkan will provide the maintenance of security systems of social objects of St. Petersburg


The company "Arkan", the federal operator of the security services, will provide the maintenance of security systems a number of social facilities in St. Petersburg. The relevant contracts have been signed with more than 400 objects of social infrastructure — kindergartens, schools, health clinics, etc.

In accordance with the contractual terms of the company "Arkan" will perform maintenance work on a complex of means of fire and security systems, video surveillance and access control. Maintenance includes ensuring the smooth operation of all installed systems, troubleshooting and problem, identifying and addressing the causes of "false" positives, the restoration of the equipment in the event of a failure. Also provides for the provision of advisory support in the operation.

"Maintenance on which depends the smooth functioning of fire and security systems and timeliness of the response to emergency situations, requires the company to the Executive the maximum level of responsibility. All maintenance systems are carried out strictly in accordance with the regulations, efficiently and on time. The safety of people should be provided continuously, "- says the press-service of" Arkan ".

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