The company Bear Oil has opened a new gas field in the Volgograd region

The oil and gas company (OGC) "Bear Oil" in the course of geological exploration work on the development of the West Frolovsky licensed subsoil opened in the region Volgograd region Serafimovicheskogo new natural gas field — Gulyaevskaya. On this portal, "Oil of Russia" reported the press service of the company.

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Processing of the results seismic, geological, geophysical and gas-hydrodynamic studies conducted by "Bear Oil" together with "Zapprikaspiygeofizika" and LLC "NC" Resource ", carried out by the institute" VolgogradPetroProekt. "

According to its rapid assessment of recoverable reserves Gulyaevskaya open fields, identified by processing data from only one well, up 70 million cubic meters. meters of natural gas in category C1 and C2. Now these details are preparing to defend the State Commission on Mineral Reserves. It is important to note that the open field is only a small part of the West Frolovsky subsoil license, a total area of 1,233.2 km2.
"Having spent about fifteen million rubles," Bear Oil "has gained access to the resource value of at least 210 million rubles. In my opinion, this is a pretty good profitability. Moreover, according to our experts in the oil and gas production, this finding is not to be the last in the West Frolovskoye subsoil ", — commented on the news of the gas field Gulyaevskaya Dmitry Skornyakov — Founder Ltd." Devon Management Company "- managing the company closed-end investment fund, in number of assets which includes the Company "Bear Oil."
Currently c to further explore the open field NGK "Bear Blood" starts construction (drilling) of the new exploration and appraisal well — prior to the opening of the foundation on the West Frolovskoye license plot, which, as predicted by the company's specialists will provide additional data on the productivity scale Lower and Mid Devon, earlier in this region are not investigated.
Partner NGK "Bear Oil" in this project serves PNG Drilling Company (BC APG), a member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC, Houston, USA). For work on the West Frolovskoye subsoil this company will be involved mobile drilling rig MBU Win 4000/205 DS produced by the Italian company WEI. "Our plant can say is unique. Such — only two in the world. One — we in Russia, the other — in Texas, "- said Oleg Reshetnikov, Director of Business Development BC APG.
15312 HP LGV license for subsoil use for exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons in the West Frolovskoye subsoil Volgograd region was obtained NGK "Bear Oil" 30 January 2012. at the auction, held on December 22, 2011 in the "Volgogradnedra."
West Frolovskiy subsoil license area is located within the administrative boundaries Serafimovicheskogo, Michael Frolovsky and municipal districts of the Volgograd region, some 155 km north-west of Volgograd. Land area is 1,233.2 km2.
According to the information provided to the conditions of the auction, the estimated resources of gas within the West Frolovsky area on the basis of quantitative evaluation of hydrocarbon resources of the Russian Federation as of 01.01.2002 are 14 billion cubic meters. m for category D1.



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