The company e-AUTO shared her plans

From the date of the start of the project on the establishment of a new Russian car "E-mobile" was 400 days and the company "e-AUTO" sums up the symbolic and talks about his plans for the near future developments.

Every day brings to the start of production of e-mobiles. Today, the situation in the project is as follows:
— The final design of the plant for production.
— June 8, 2011 in St. Petersburg will host the foundation stone of the plant "e-AUTO".
— Placed orders for main equipment.
— Completed computer crash test design e-mobile.
— Endurance tests are underway rotary-vane motor.
— Pre-order on the "e-mobiles" started yesterday. Information obtained as a result of pre-order, will more accurately plan the organization of production, establish priorities and to plan geography model of the project in terms of location for future productions.

From the nearest plans: in September, the company "e-AUTO" will present at the Frankfurt Motor Show a futuristic concept of e-. To identify the author of the brand "e" Vladimir Tsesler developed a special sign.

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