The company FTA has released a catalog of solutions for the protection of the urban environment from ice dams and icicles

The company "Special Systems and Technologies" has released a catalog of products for the electrical heating of the roof, gutters, open spaces and sports facilities.

Catalog of solutions to protect buildings and urban infrastructure from ice dams and icicles contains all the necessary technical information about anti-icing systems. The directory is a convenient tool for the design and selection of equipment and components, electrical heating systems.


  • The new catalog "SST"
  • The new catalog "SST"

In our new catalog you can find detailed information about all the elements of the anti-icing systems for roofs and gutters, open spaces, sports facilities, greenhouses and hotbeds, freezers:

1. Electric heating elements, including a resistive and self-regulating heating cables and tapes, the production company "FTA". The catalog contains a new line of self-regulating heating cables Freezstop.

2. Control equipment.

3. Temperature sensors, water and sediment.

4. Built-in low voltage electrical control cabinets and heaters.

5. Boxes connecting and accessories.

6. Accessories and components for assembly. The company "FTA" presents customers with a full set of required fasteners and accessories for the installation of electrical heating systems.

7. In the "Special purpose systems", a unique system for measuring snow depth.

Print version of "Catalogue of products for the electrical heating of the roof and open spaces" will be sent to all partners and dealers, "FTA."

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