The company FTA has released a new version of the catalog Industrial electric heater

The company "Special Systems and Technologies" has released an updated version of the catalog of heating systems of pipes, tanks and process equipment "Industrial electric heating in 2013."

The new technical solutions catalog for industrial electric heating provides all the necessary technical information about the products. This information will serve as a working tool for the design and selection of equipment and components, electrical heating systems.

The updated design and structure of the catalog "Industrial electric heater 2013" makes it easy to grasp and easy to work with. The Catalog contains background information on the hazardous areas, the calculation of heat loss and the time of cooling pipes.

In the "electric heating elements" are the specifications of the new line of universal self-regulating heating tapes VL, VM, VC, VR, unique flush-joint sections TMF and constant power cable SNF.

In the catalog section "Elements of Power" is a line of junction boxes and USC is a table of choice of cable glands to them.

In the "Control equipment" are electronic temperature control systems for industrial electric heating. Section "Accessories and components for assembly" allows you to pick up all the necessary components required for the installation of electrical heating systems.

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