The company Gidrovetstroy: we make wind turbine

The company "Gidrovetstroy" was founded in 2010 in the city of Arkhangelsk. Go to the main activity of the company "Gidrovetstroy" include scientific research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering. In particular sailing wind turbines are being developed (windmills) and flow damless hydroelectric plants. Making sailing wind turbines came to the stage of small-scale production.

developed by "Gidrovetstroy" have a number of distinctive features: Work on the weak, everyday winds, as an autonomous operation and parallel operation with the city's power grid. Parallel operation allows to give the extra power generated by the wind turbine, the city grid, unrolling the counter.

Schematic diagram of the autonomous use of the wind turbine looks like this:


 Wind turbine generator produces 12/24/48 volts (depending on model). The electrical power generated by the wind turbine is stored in batteries. The inverter converts the DC battery voltage into a sinusoidal voltage 220 V, 50 Hz. Power wind turbine in this case depends on the capacity of the inverter, and the duration of work in no wind — the capacity of the rechargeable battery batarey.Chuvstvitelnost to the current charge leads to the need for a charge controller, the witness also at the level of battery charge.

Schematic diagram of the wind turbine in parallel with the city power grid looks like



Wind turbine generator generates a voltage 220/380Volt, 50Hz and included downstream of the meter, gives power to the grid at home. An example of this can serve as a wind turbinewindmill wind turbine-4m. Obvious advantages of connection options: do not use expensive inverter and batteries are not cheap however, there is no controller. There are no obvious advantage of this scheme: at any time, you can easily use all the power generated by the windmill, not fearing it, without thinking about the charging current of the battery and the extent of their charge. Operation of your wind turbine is not holding back the battery charge controller and inverter. There is also a disadvantage: if there is no wind, and the voltage in the urban network does, then you are left without electricity. In the event that such a situation arise, it is advisable to buyuninterruptible power supply. 

Schematic diagram of the combined wind turbine looks like this:

If you are using a diesel generator and want to save on fuel ..
If the power of the wind turbine is not enough for your needs ..
If you need a guaranteed, year-round power supply ..
This scheme is for you!

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