The company Hevel is regarded as a supplier of solar modules for power plants in Italy

Partner, "Hevel" — the company Pramac, implementing projects in the field of solar energy, has signed an agreement with the agricultural holding Agro Verde to build a solar power plant to supply power to greenhouses in the region Gela in Sicily under the state program of economic development of southern Italy.


The signing ceremony was held in Verona (Italy) in the presence of high-ranking representatives of the ministries of agriculture and culture of Italy. Under the agreement, generation capacity will be 80 MW. The Russian company "Hevel" is regarded as a potential supplier of modules for the production of this generation volume.

General Director of "Hevel" Eugene Zagorodnii said: "The exit strategy," Hevel "on foreign markets envisages collaboration with client companies Oerlikon Solar, including with the Italian company Pramac, production capacity of which is 30 MWp per year. With the construction of large-scale industrial plants, as in the case of an object for generating agricultural sector commissioned by the Agro Verde, a partnership of companies using a single technology that can ensure the supply of PV modules to the extent necessary and in a timely manner. "

In the construction of power plants in Italy will be used thin-film photovoltaic modules, manufactured by advanced technology micromorph Swiss company Oerlikon Solar. Along with the Pramac similar production of photovoltaic modules has the company "Hevel". The world's largest enterprise producing 130 MWp per year, which applies technology Oerlikon Solar, located in the city of Cheboksary Chuvash Republic. Among the competitive advantages of this technology — the low cost of production is comparable with high volumes of electricity generation.

"We are working on similar projects in Russia as part of programs to create additional backup facilities or independent power supply of agricultural facilities" — said Eugene Zagorodnii

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