The company industrial machinery set power for the Russian Railways

The design of the special diesel-electric machines serving the railway, in recent years have been traditionally used generator sets manufactured by "PSM". Several deliveries of diesel power plants "PSM" for Russian railways was made in the summer of this year.


Each project for the railroad — unique: it is necessary to take into account the specifics of railway cars. The limited size of the engine compartment, the high starting currents, the need to control the generator set from the cabin — all this must be taken into account in the development of technical documents and manufacturer of diesel power plants. Taking into account all the requirements of manufacturers of railway diesel-electric machines engineers "PSM" developed a special layout generator sets: on the lower frame (given the limited space of the engine compartment), complete with reduced fuel tank (or not), with additional equipment — subexciter permanent magnet, Fuel metering devices, emergency stop valve, additional operator panel.

In continuation of the modernization project CME3 shunting locomotives, launched in conjunction with the "Russian Railways", VNIKTI (Kolomna) and YAERZ in 2010, in the summer of 2011, the "Industrial Power Machines" put another set of diesel generators DG-450. This year the project has been finalized — but two generators DG-450 diesel locomotive were retrofitted third diesel generator low power. The use of such a generator at idle — another step to improve the fuel efficiency of diesel CME3. And it demands to improve environmental quality and fuel efficiency of the rolling stock has been central to the program of modernization of fleet Russian railways. A prototype of a new locomotive trehdizelnogo CME3-3323 exhibited at the III International Railway Salon "EXPO 1520" held from 7 to 10 September in a Moscow Sherbinka. This locomotive was demonstrated at the show as "the most eco-friendly project in railway engineering in 2011."
Another joint project "PSM" and VNIKTI — two-axle shunting locomotive TEM31. Designed for easy maneuvering and chores, this locomotive as well as trehdizelny CME3 locomotive enters into an innovative program of "Russian Railways". In a number of technical solutions used in the locomotive TEM31 — microprocessor control and diagnostics, electronic braking equipment and modular screw compressor, a comfortable operator's cab with all-round visibility and a modular diesel-generator set. Diesel power BP-400, created by designers "PSM" for this locomotive is made with a special partition for improved cooling of the generator. An electric generator configured to coolant heater without control.
Among the latest product supply "PSM" for diesel-electric rail cars — Power BP-150 for laying crane UK-25/25 with preheater and PKP subexciter permanent magnet (PMG) to compensate for the high inrush currents. Four such units shipped by the manufacturer of railway cranes in August and is already installed on the end product.

And for the Yaroslavl wagon factory "PSM" produced four power plants in AD-315 and two diesel generators BP-200, which will be used as the primary source of electricity in formulations for weeds NW-240-6 and SW-800. Features complete set of generator sets include not only the layout of the frame and a special reduced fuel tank, but the fuel system of accounting and emergency stop valve in the air. Control System Power BP-315 W-800 also includes an additional operator panel AOP-2 that is installed in the cab. All six units "PSM" will replace the Kursk generating sets in the course of modernization compositions for weeds.

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