The company Inkom Energo put two diesel generators for standby power airport in Yakutia

The company "Inkom Energy" designed, manufactured and shipped 2 diesel power AD-100-T400 in the container "North" for standby power airport. Power plant will be operated in Yakutia, so the block container is made as warm, minimized thermal bridges.


Each container has a powerhouse complete package for guaranteed start power at extremely low temperatures automation system and ventilation control system, automatic fire-extinguishing system for automatic pumping of fuel from the external tank and auxiliary systems for power plants (exhaust fumes from industrial silencers, working and emergency lighting) , fuel tanks for diesel generators battery life.
Power plants in AD 100 with the engine JAMZ-238 manufactured by "Income Energy."

Engines JAMZ-238 are popular among customers due to its reliability, simplicity of operation and ease of construction. Wide dissemination of the motors and parts availability on almost the entire territory of Russia makes the engine JAMZ-238 is one of the most serviceable.

In the container is mounted auxiliary fuel tank, resulting in improved battery life up to 24 hours of diesel generators without refueling.

Before sending power plants have been tested under 100% load. Customer noted the high quality of assembly for containers and diesel, the level of technical capacity of professionals and turnaround time.
Along with the equipment transferred to Customer technical documentation to the power plant of AD 100, schemes of work automation and manual.

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