The company IntelLeks was awarded Company of the Year-2012

October 23, 2012 in Radisson Royal Hotel were awarded the prize "Company of the Year — 2012". The project of "IntelLeks" "Fleet Management technology-based ITM» was awarded in the section "Software" for the contribution to the real economy.

Technology Intellex Transportation Management (ITM) solves the problem of control of their cars due to the fixup request shippers. On the basis of the specified criteria, the system finds the optimal set of bindings of empty cars to the claims of the consignor. In accordance with the calculated binding is the automatic registration of transport documents.

In the current system based on the technology ITM successfully in OAO "Russian Railways", the First and the Second Freight Company, not only controlling the movement of cars, under the following loading, but also creating jobs from being sent in for repair. The total number of cars ever were under the control of ITM, more than 250 thousand units.

At the awards ceremony the company "IntelLeks" represented by Deputy Director of Corporate Projects and Development Manager Technology ITM Vladimir Titov, as well as the head of PR and marketing Natalia Ledneva.

Vladimir Titov thanked the advisory council and the Editor of the "Company" for the honor. "Of course, pleasant to hold this award. This recognition and value of ITM technology for the development of the market, and the mind and experience of developers and analysts, thanks to technology that ITM has been established and implemented. While working on this project, they have invested in it a lot of time, effort, knowledge of mathematics, economics, rail technology. This — their victory, "- said Vladimir Titov.

For the awards in the section "Software" was invited to the stage many favorite actor Sergei Shakur.

The award "Company of the Year" has its origins in the late 90s and has been held 13 times. The selection of nominees and winners spent the advisory council and members of the editorial board of the journal "Company."

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