The company Interin has created a medical online registry of the Leningrad Region


Health portal of the Leningrad Region

December 15, 2011 ended with one of the projects of construction of regional health information systems. The unusual design of the first stage of the construction of a regional information system of records to the doctor via the Internet in the Leningrad region has brought auction result for its implementation, which ended at around — 200 thousand rubles. Three companies of the 11 bidders left in the "minus", offering not only to complete the project at their own expense, but also to pay for the right to sign the contract to the state.

The time of work for the project was from November 14 to December 15, 2011 18 customers in the project, the head is the Committee on Telecommunications and Information Leningrad region, as well as 17 municipal administrations of the Leningrad region. In total, the project involved 39 health care facilities located in 24 geographically dispersed essentially urban area. The project had to be solved the following problems: a medical portal remote recording to the doctor, the creation of client jobs in regional and district health facilities and health care facilities in the community, the creation of a functional check of the applicants and make an appointment via the Internet to the conduct of "Personal Account '; launch system, user training in the field and system administrators.

During the month was performed necessary adaptation of standard software solutions "Interin" under the requirements of the technical project, and commissioned 39 installations typical MIS "Interin PROMIS 2012" including: core system, the customer online registries, electronic registry of health facilities, the subsystem call a doctor, temporary disability allowance stamped LN on the forms. In all health facilities was done filling directories, link them to specific health facilities and loading data attached contingent. IIS runs on Oracle Express Edition 11g, distributed free of charge.

Health portal of the Leningrad Region, publishes data on health facilities and schedule the work of specialists, established in technologies Oracle. The system consists of four main applications: public portal that provides data LPU, schedules the work of doctors and the possibility of making an appointment with the conduct of private office patients, portal manager that enables you to make an appointment between institutions, if an independent record patients not permitted; Portal Administrator system, containing the tools of network management of health facilities, monitoring the system and load analysis, management of users, directories and application software updates, portal manager that provides aggregate data on the operation of the system in the context of health care facilities and municipalities in tabular and graphical form.

Architecture created a regional system in accordance with the terms of reference allows you to work with a high degree of reliability due to a reasonable degree of decentralization and without the transfer of personal data on the Internet. Each LPU is installed complete MIS, which in synchronous and asynchronous modes of interaction with the central site system. Each health facility operates independently and is able to solve their problems, regardless of the outside network.

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Interin — Medical information system of enterprise.
INTERIN — an integrated information system that provides information support as a network of geographically distributed diagnostic and treatment facilities, as well as individual hospitals, diagnostic centers, care facilities.

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