The company METALLOINVEST signed program

March 12, 2013, Zheleznogorsk. Today the Company "METALLOINVEST" social cooperation program signed in 2013 to the Agreement on social and economic partnership with the Kursk region and the City of Zheleznogorsk.

The document was signed by General Director of the Criminal Code "METALLOINVEST" Eduard Potapov, Kursk Region Governor Alexander Mikhailov and the head of Zheleznogorsk Victor sun.
Document outlines a series of mutual commitments on priority investments in the social sector and the area of the city, which employs one of the key enterprises of the Company — Mikhailovsky GOK. Total for the execution of activities within the framework of social partnership in 2012 (taking into account the contribution of all parties: the area of the city and the company "METALLOINVEST) directed 528, 2 million rubles, which is higher than the planned 81.3 million as the company" METALLOINVEST "Program Implementation sent 285.5 million.

Partnership program in 2012 in Zheleznogorsk opened ice skating rink, a branch of the regional cancer center, repaired kindergarten number 22 and number 18, number 6 school. Special programs have been successfully implemented METALLOINVEST to address critical social issues of life in the region — a "Healthy Baby," "School of efficiency" and "Women's Health". Support was fun run "World of Childhood", orphanages. Under the agreement, once again held in Zheleznogorsk International contest-festival of young talents "Golden talents of the Commonwealth," assisted in the revival of Orthodox shrines Kursk land. Through this collaboration, support was provided to educational institutions, health and sports, carried out repairs of roads that are of great strategic importance for the region.

In 2013, the continued implementation of basic social activities under the Agreement: supporting children's sports, educational institutions, health care and culture, and repairs of in-roads, the development of corporate projects under the program "Healthy Child", "Women's Health", "School of efficiency" METALLOINVEST "and a new project of" Road to Life ". Planned allocation of funds for the first phase of the construction of a kindergarten in the district 12a Zheleznogorsk.

Director General of the Criminal Code "METALLOINVEST" Eduard Potapov
— With this agreement, we can realize the large long-term projects. In the past year, more than half a billion rubles in conjunction with the area and the city has been directed at improving the lives zheleznogortsev and all the inhabitants of the Kursk region. We have completed a major project — the construction of the Ice Palace, opened up an important sector of the regional highway, a subsidiary of a cancer center in Zheleznogorsk. Major overhaul of kindergartens, schools, improvement of the city. All this is made possible by the long-term program that we know what will happen tomorrow or the day after, the year ahead.

METALLOINVEST is a socially-oriented company, and the implementation of these agreements, we attach great importance. When there is a clear strategy in the social sphere, it is possible to carry out big projects that improve the quality of life of people. We, as a socially active company, not limited to the payment of taxes, our interaction with the administration of Kursk region and other regions have long gone beyond formal relationships we build a true partnership. We combine our efforts in order to get the best effect, the maximum result. We want our employees to feel comfortable not only in the workplace but also have access to occupational health services, quality education to their children enjoy the sports infrastructure. In conjunction with the administration of the Kursk region, we can do many good deeds.

Director of Social Policy and Corporate Communications MC "METALLOINVEST" Julia Mazanova:
— For the Company "METALLOINVEST" as a large industrial holding company and employer, of course, important to the quality of life of employees and the level of development of local communities. This form of cooperation — a tripartite partnership — we have proposed a few years ago and supported by the governor of Kursk, Belgorod, Orenburg regions, showed good results in solving important social problems of the city and the region.
As part of this year's program will continue such important projects of the Company, as the "Healthy Child" and "Women's Health", the program will support the development of children's sports. We understand that taking care of the children today — is tomorrow's life in the city, so their all-round development, health care, creating the conditions for a full family vacation has been and remains one of the priority directions of our social policy in the region.

Governor Kursk region Alexander Mikhailov:
— Cooperation with metalloinveste to determine the most important areas of social investment and systematically, effectively solve the tasks to be performed to ensure the sustainable development of the region. In 2012 METALLOINVEST fully performed its obligations under the agreement, and I'm in high efficiency of our cooperation in the future.

The head wasZheleznogorskand Victor Sun:
— Over the years, support for the Company "METALLOINVEST" helps us to solve important problems for the city: open new sports facilities, health care, help in equipping schools and kindergartens, repair roads. Today we are planning new projects and the Company's participation "METALLOINVEST" gives confidence that they will be implemented.

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