The company NANOELEKTRO launched a superprovodov

"SPE" NANOELEKTRO "" — the project company RUSNANO and JSC "VNIINM. Bochvar "(part of the TK" fuel elements ") — has launched the production of nanostructured wires — a fundamentally new composite electrical products that combine high conductivity and strength.

Total investment in the project will amount to little more than a billion rubles, RUSNANO including co-financing in the amount of 450 million rubles, of "fuel elements" in the amount of 570 million rubles.

As part of the first phase of the project in 2014, the new plant will produce up to 50 tons per year superprovodov. In the future we plan to move to large series production, which will allow the company to take the project to 15% of the world market of high-strength wires.

The class attribute superprovodov wire strength is comparable to the strength of steel, and the electrical conductivity is 40 to 80% of the conductivity of pure copper.

The target market segment for the project are the wires for special applications with high demands on the combination of these two parameters. High tensile wire, produced by the project companies, due to the presence in their structure of niobium wire thickness of 6-10 nanometers and conductivity — high copper content. Products of the project can be used in high-power pulsed magnets for scientific and industrial applications, the contact wires for high-speed rail. Nanostructured conductors are also required for the creation of electronic and electrical devices operating in extreme conditions aerospace and nuclear power.

According to analysts, the Russian market superprovodov 2015 could exceed $ 33 million (58.3 tons in kind), which represents nearly 5% of the world market. The main drivers of growth are increasing the reliability requirements of responsible technical systems, the development of new fields of medicine, energy, electronics and mechanical engineering, as well as the active development of studies of magnetic fields of high induction.

Technology design company can receive a large wire cross sections up to several kilometers with the strength of twice the existing analogue of the traditional electrical conductivity alloys without compromising that in particular, allows you to use them for the needs of rail transport — the industry, have specific requirements for strength, durability and security. Similar nanostructured wires of small diameter (0.5 to 0.03 mm) may be prepared by several tens of kilometers long. Currently on the market there are no direct analogues, and the development of potential competitors significantly inferior products of the project. In this regard, it is expected that in the medium term, the project company will be able to maintain its leading position in the global market in the most high-tech segments superprovodov.

"Recently, increased interest has attracted a new class of materials with a particle size of less than 100 nanometers — said RUSNANO Managing Director Olga Shpichko. — Interest understandable, because these materials have a set of properties that are significantly different from those of conventional coarse-grained materials, which in some cases opens up completely new perspectives in the design and creation of a variety of devices and products. In particular, today there is a high demand for materials having both high strength and conductivity. Such materials develops enterprise "NANOELEKTRO" and the properties of its products are directly related to the transition in nanostructured state and otherwise unattainable. "

"Our technology allows us to produce long-length wires on the basis of copper and niobium as small and large cross-section that is unique not only in Russia but also abroad — said senior vice-president of" fuel elements " Vladimir Rozhdestvensky. — Uniqueness development company backed by patents and know-how in the production of high-strength, vysokoelektroprovodnyh materials. I would like to also point out that the project for the production of a new class of electrical wires is another result of a collaboration "fuel elements" and RUSNANO in high-tech manufacturing. It is planned that by 2014, when production should reach full capacity, annual sales revenue should be about 885 million rubles. "

Technical Reference

The class attribute superprovodov wire tensile strength greater than 500 MPa,

and the electrical conductivity is 40 to 80% of the conductivity of pure copper.

Small distance between the fibers also comparable to the mean free path of electrons in a copper matrix achieves conductivity at 40-80% of the conductivity of pure copper.

As part of this project is scheduled for commercial production of the following basic types of products for which the market is predicted most effective demand:

  • winding wire for vysokopolnyh rectangular pulse frequency magnetic magnets and stamping;
  • composite contact wires for high-speed rail;
  • wires and cables for high reliability aerospace engineering;
  • particularly strong microwire for electronics, mini electric motors, special highly flexible cables.

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