The company Neurosoft (Ivanovo region). Expanding its production volumes

The company "Neurosoft" expands its production volumes. A new building for the production of medical diagnostic equipment inspected July 25th governor of the Ivanovo Region Mikhail Men.

Head of the region reported that, thanks to built the body was able to expand production, increase the staff.

Mikhail Men, was pleased with the work of the company. "This is a completely self-sufficient promising enterprise. Annual output per person over two million rubles, which makes "Neurosoft" unity among the enterprises in the Ivanovo region ", — said Mikhail Men — The company has over 170 employees, a lot of young people, the average salary is about 38,000 rubles."

A strong impression on the governor made a map of the supply of products. "Half of the produced devices sold outside Russia. Consumers are more than 70 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, Indonesia, China, and countries in Europe and Central America, "- said the commercial director of" Neurosoft "Nikolai Smirnov.  

He also noted that the company was the first in the city and in the industry to receive the ISO 9000 quality certificate. "Thanks to this we are now an international scale," — said the commercial director. Note "Neurosoft" is included in the top ten of these manufacturing companies.

During the inspection of buildings Mikhail Men acquainted with the work of the new device "Neuro-MS", intended for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Magnetic Stimulation strengthens the neurons and is used to treat diseases of the brain and cardiovascular system. The device was developed by the company "Neurosoft" and is in great demand not only in Russia but also abroad.

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