The company OptoGaN launched the second largest in Europe, production of LED chips

October 19, 2011, Landskhud, Germany
The company "OptoGaN" declares the designed capacity of the pilot production of LED chips in Germany.
The company's factory "OptoGaN", located in the city Landskhud, is the second largest manufacture of LED chips in Europe, its capacity is 1 billion LED chips per year.


The main manufacturing facilities "OptoGaN" are located in St. Petersburg, where in November 2010 launched the first line of LED production capacity of 30 million per month. At the site in Germany produces components for LEDs — LED chips, which are then delivered to the Russian production of light-emitting diodes "OptoGaN" as well as the European and Asian markets as the final product.

"The level of technology and production base enables the company to confidently enter the competitive international market of LED lighting. To date, the production of "OptoGaN" is already represented in key European markets, and the new production facility will allow us to meet the growing demand for high-tech products in Europe and Asia, — said Maxim Odnoblyudov, President of "OptoGaN." — Future plans — the gradual localization of the production of LED chips on the Russian site in St. Petersburg, and the expansion of the company's presence both in the domestic and European market LED products. "

At the official ceremony marking the exit of production at full capacity, attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology of the German federal state of Bavaria, Martin Zeil. In his opening speech, Mr. Zeil said:

"I'm glad to expand its activities in Germany" OptoGaN "decided to use the site in Bavaria. The proximity of the plant to the Munich airport and the availability of highly specialized professionals and experts — a great base for a company developing its international business. "

At the production site "OptoGaN" in Russia and Germany have the most modern world-class operation that produces high-tech products, competitive in international markets. High-quality super-bright LEDs and chips are manufactured using a unique patented technology "OptoGaN" and match its characteristics to the best world producers.

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