The company Phillips and OptoGaN summed up their activity in 2012



In April of this year, Royal Philips Electronics, the global leader in lighting solutions and "OptoGaN", a leading manufacturer of LED lighting technology and based on them, have announced a joint venture (JV) "Philips and OptoGaN".

In such a short time the company has decided to start the basic tasks of successful work in the Russian market of road lighting:

  • was launched product line, meeting the needs of consumers and contribute greatly to the implementation of the principles of the State program on energy conservation and efficiency;
  • organized production, the capacity of which can as soon as possible to serve the orders for LED lighting areas of megacities and regional administrative centers;
  • was formed by a team of professionals capable of implementing projects of high complexity.


Innovative technology base and knowledge of the Russian market have allowed "Phillips and OptoGaN" to provide customers with advanced lighting solutions that meet their basic requirements, and update the line of the street LED lights:

Trunking Highway ORK363:

Designed for highways category A1.Etot unique product provides a luminous flux of up to 35,500 lumens with a considerable energy saving (energy efficiency is at least 90 lm W) and without loss of quality lighting. A feature of this lamp is the ability to change the bulbs HPS 400 at 100% compliance with current regulations.

LED Street Lamp Avenue OPK303:

Designed for the lighting of streets, roads, district level, Pridvorova areas, roadway industrial obektov.Etot lamp has a high energy efficiency (up to 80 lm W), which allows for low cost products (12,900 rubles). Return on investment for the modernization of lighting for a few years. These features distinguish modern lamp LED solutions from HPS lamps.

Business indicators "Philips and OptoGaN" in 2012 showed steady growth, which allows us to construct optimistic forecasts for 2013. Just a few months JV managed to reach the Russian market of St. Petersburg to Kamchatka. In these regions were launched and successfully implemented projects in various categories of roads: federal highways, regional roads, city streets and parks. Average savings on projects ranged from 30% to 45%.

In 2012, the joint venture has initiated work in a number of national projects, such as "Innovation Way" and projects with the participation of the Federal Road Agency (Road Service), the state company "Highways" and others. In addition, "Phillips and OptoGaN" received high evaluation of its products — LED solutions for lighting the city streets and parks have been accredited in the State Unitary Enterprise "Lensvet" and are recommended for use in urban networks.

In many ways, so the dynamic development and the promotion of "Phillips and OptoGaN" was made possible thanks to the participation in a number of exhibitions and events — INNOPROM 2012, XI International Investment Forum "Sochi-2012", the third International exhibition-forum "The Road", International Trade Exhibition "Interlight-2012" and the Nanotechnology International Forum «RUSNANOTECH 2012". It has become a platform for dialogue with potential customers and build strong business relationships with partners. A presentation of key speakers "Phillips and OptoGaN" at round tables and plenary discussions demonstrated the need for the introduction of innovative technologies.

"Philips and OptoGaN" in 2013, plans to launch new products that meet the highest standards for energy efficiency and lighting quality. Modern solutions will meet the basic needs of the Russian market and will be able to increase the level of trust in the innovative development. It is expected that the dynamics of the company's sales will be substantially higher than the market growth. Another activity will be to work on the introduction of intelligent control systems. No less important in 2013 for the joint venture is to expand the production base and the introduction of new technology platforms. As well as start-up financial instruments to reach the payback on a number of projects for a period of at least 3 years.

"We are very pleased with the results of 2012 — we were able to enter the market and run projects from the North-West region to the Far East, as well as to achieve good results in sales of our products — sums up Andre Richter. — Therefore, we are confident about the future, we are setting a serious problem — in 2013 we plan to product line expansion and further development of partnerships to increase the share of high-quality LED lighting in the Russian market. "

"Philips and OptoGaN"The joint venture "Phillips and OptoGaN" specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions in the field of road and street LED lighting. The company was founded in 2012, and the first such project in the Russian industry that combines the recognized standards of quality Philips and unique expertise of "OptoGaN." The joint venture is a prime example of practical direct investment in the Russian economy in the framework of the state program "Energy saving and energy efficiency for the period up to 2020.""Philips and OptoGaN" combines cutting-edge technology and years of successful experience of both companies in the field of street lighting, both internationally and in the Russian market. Production of "Phillips and OptoGaN" — reliable LED lights with flexible energy saving, uniform illumination, a wide variety of specifications, maintainable and modernized lighting is constructive for highways, city streets and parks. Production is located in St. Petersburg (Russia). Main markets — Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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