The company Ratimir completely passed on Russian raw materials

One of the leaders of the meat-processing industry of the Far East to support domestic farmers. Now the company is "Ratimir" for production of sausage products does not need to supply pork from abroad.

Eugene Korzh, Director of Development, LLC "Ratimir":"We checked the quality of our Altai, it is much higher than the quality of imported pork. We sent her there spetsialistok, we did test purchases, checked the meat, sausage, and what he gets. "

Partner company seaside plant was Altai pig farm. It works by European standards and are grown only breeding species.

Sergei Strizheusov, director of "ET-transit" Supplier of raw meat for «Ratimir":"There were a lot of work done on the selection, the choice of pork. In the end, "Altaymyasoprom" focused on the Irish breed. This is a very good bacon pig, which gives good results for the dismantling of the production. "

High quality and environmentally friendly raw materials were the main arguments when choosing a supplier. In our own laboratory employees' Ratimir "daily routed by the company and has already produced products.

Natalia Situn, head of production laboratory:"Company" Ratimir "has one of the best equipped production laboratories in the Primorye Territory. In particular, rapid microbiological analyzers can improve the effectiveness of the control and safety of raw materials and manufactured products. "

Deliveries of the new material on the seaside plant began in December 2012. And now the Altai pork used in the production of sausages of "Ratimir."

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