The company RAVIS after an extensive renovation has launched the first phase of poultry

The company "RAVIS" (Chelyabinsk region). Launched after an extensive renovation of the first phase of a new broiler chicken houses on the site.

According to CEO Andrew Kosilova, modernization broiler plant goes so fast, that was a record in the history of the factory.

"The production of poultry meat in this shop will grow by at least 2.5-fold from 12 to 33 thousand tons per year, this will increase the total production of poultry meat from the current 62 to 85 tonnes next year — says Kosilov — today launched the first place — it is 6 buildings to the European poultry equipment Big Dutchman and Hartmann. Modern systems of watering, feeding and microclimate can achieve good performance and disclose the maximum potential of the bird.


Increasing the volume of production, the complete modernization of the process — it is the next step in strengthening the leadership position of the company "RAVIS" in the poultry industry in the region and Russia.


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