The company Russian Navigation Technologies has launched a new generation of equipment AutoTracker

The company "Russian Navigation Technologies' (RNT) announced the start of mass production of a new generation of avionics systems GLONASS / GPS vehicle monitoring "AutoTracker".

The system AutoTracker — Multifunctional intelligent GLONASS/ GPS monitoring for remote control operation of motor vehicles, machinery and other movable objects. AutoTracker using modern satellite navigation technology and mobile communication system allows real time determine the exact location of transport, monitor various indicators related to his work, — Running speed, fuel consumption, the deviation from the specified route, the body temperature, and others.

Surgical preparation and analysis of accurate data on the fleet provides:

complete control of the driver, strict adherence to the timetable;
detection and prevention of various disorders and abuse (for example, non-compliance with speed limits, plums fuel and annotations in the travel pages);
monitoring the serviceability of the various technical components and assemblies of transport and special equipment;
control of the conditions of carriage of goods (temperature, etc.);
support continuous communication with the driver and rapid response to abnormal situations;
addressing a wide range of industry-specific tasks (for details, see Industry Solutions).
In the complex automation of fleet management systems with AutoTracker:

provides opportunities for operational and strategic planning of transport;
increases the efficiency of its use;
strengthening labor discipline staff;
lowering operating costs;
provides security services;
organization provides account management, work-related transportation.

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