The company «SCA» expanding production Venev (Tula region).

A new line of adult diapers opened Venev. On the second Tula Economic Forum international company has signed an agreement with the regional administration of large investment projects. Only Venev investments in building new businesses accounted for 85 million euros.

Venevskaya factory — the largest industrial enterprise district. Another plant of the company «SCA», producing sanitary paper worked in the Soviet. In 2012, this company will also expand. In the construction of new facilities international company plans to invest 130 million euros.

"They will set new line, now produce the paper, and then dish towels, handkerchiefs and paper premium" — talks about plans to expand production Artem Lebedev, Director of the company «SCA» Sovetsk.

Creating a new production of this — jobs, and additional tax revenues to the municipal budget, and hence the development of the district and the region as a whole.

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