The company SSTenergomontazh established a system of heating of the roof convention center hotel Moscow

Engineering company "SSTenergomontazh" which is a group of companies "Special systems and technologies", as part of a multifunctional complex reconstruction of hotel "Moscow" provides a complete solution for the protection of the roof of the complex of snow and ice. The company "SSTenergomontazh" has significant experience working on objects of cultural value. The company's specialists have equipped of electrical heating of the roof of the Bolshoi Theatre and State Historical Museum, the building of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Federal Treasury, the Kazan Kremlin and many other architectural sites.

 One of the tasks implemented within the framework of this project was the fitting of electric heating "Teploskat" translucent roof above the foyer of the conference center "Moscow" to snegoudaleniya in the winter time in the temperature range -15 .. +5 C. Specialist work "SSTenergomontazh" at the facility coordinated: the project manager of AS Hooke, the chief engineer of the project Y. Dziuba and the head of the unit "Electrical and Control" NA Demin.

Work at the site had a number of technological features. In one of the courtyards of the building was built atrium trapezoidal shape having a glass roof covering with a heated area of 564.5 sq.m. Drain from the roof of the lobby congress center was completed in the vertical glazing on the ceiling of the courtyard, which are arranged in a funnel system of internal drainage gutters.

The specialists of "SSTenergomontazh" designed and installed heating system translucent roof nominal capacity 177 kW. As the heating elements of the system were used:

— self-regulating heating section brand 33SSBE2 (production of "FTA") with a nominal capacity of 33 W / m, located in 5 threads under the outer glass landfall along the bottom edge of the glass roof to vertical glazing;

— Heated windows with a nominal power density of 250-300 W / m. with translucent resistive coating.

For the implementation of the phased inclusion of heating glazed roof was conditionally divided into 4 groups. Each group consists of 6 rows of angled glass. The rows belonging to the same group, are separated from each other by 3 rows of glasses, ie alternated with rows of glass other groups.

Management Subsystem heating of the object includes a distribution cabinet, two power cabinet, control cabinet and one sensor outdoor temperature, precipitation and water. The main element of the system for control of heat is a programmable logic controller.

The company is currently "SSTenergomontazh" is working to equip electrical heating system translucent roof pool multifunctional complex "Moscow" hotel.

Information about the facility:

Hotel "Moscow", located in the heart of the capital, for many years was considered the main hotel of the country. The construction of this monument of Soviet architecture began in 1930 and was marked by the start of the general reconstruction of the historical center of Moscow, which lasted until the middle of the XX century. Hotel "Moscow" had been started in 1935, and for many years remained the largest hotel of the USSR with the reputation of a prestigious international hotel.

The years have not spared the country's main hotel. In 2000, the building was deemed accidental, and in 2004 it was demolished. In 2005, at the site of the hotel began construction of a new multi-purpose complex. At the opening ceremony of the first stage of the Adviser to the Mayor of Moscow Vladimir Resin said that the builders managed to recreate the historic facades of the building on old projects and fully upgrade it inside. The height of the new building of the Manezh Square was 16 floors, the façade of the theater became a six-storey passage.


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