The company Sukhoi held docking PAK FA with air tankers

Moscow, August 21

The company "Sukhoi" conducted experiments on how to approach and docking of the PAK FA (T-50) from the tanker aircraft. Carried out nine in the process of contacting one of the flight. In tests in addition to the T-50-2 was tanker IL-78 with a crew of marching military units and aircraft maintenance Su25UB with the crew of Air Force test center.

At the T-50-2 is currently under investigation by the stability, manageability and strength of the aircraft in a large range of subsonic and supersonic flight regimes in different configurations.

The first flight model of the T-50-1 completes the program of preparation for test flights over large supercritical angles of attack and maneuverability.

At the T-50-3 in August began flight testing with a unique on-board radar system with an active electronically scanned array (AESA radar with) in the on-board avionics. In the course of ground and flight experiments on the prototype T-50-3 when checking modes radar "air-to-air" and "air-to-surface" in the first experiments produced a significant and sustainable impact on the level of the best features of existing models of aircraft. Confirmed by the further development of these opportunities. Work has begun on testing of optical channels.

Designed Institute of Instrument. Tikhomirov AFAR can increase the detection range, parallel to operate as a "air-to-air" and "air-to-surface", to recognize and classify group and single objects simultaneously attack several targets high-precision weapons, as well as provide communication and electronic countermeasures.
This year, the test program will join the fourth prototype of the PAK FA.

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