The company Sukhoi started the factory testing of the next serial Sukhoi Su-34

Moscow, April 5. On the flight test station of the Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association. VP Chkalov (NAPO) factory test series began Sukhoi Su-34. They are held as part of the company "Sukhoi" defense contracts in 2011 At the end of the test program the aircraft will be transferred to the Russian Air Force.

Su-34 are already in service with the Russian army. The state contract for their supply was signed in 2008 between the Ministry of the Russian Federation Harrow and the company "Sukhoi". Another batch of military vehicles arrive in the Russian Air Force this year. In the opinion of pilots and navigators, the plane has good ergonomics, the automation of flight from take-off, flight to the target, operational use and to fit, easy to piloting.

Combat capabilities of the Su-34 aircraft belongs to a generation "4 +".

Regardless of the time of day and weather conditions it can effectively engage ground, sea and air targets in any geographical area with the use of the entire range of air weapons, including precision. The presence of the plane active safety systems, along with the latest computers has created additional opportunities to conduct the pilot and the navigator precision bombing, maneuver under enemy fire. Installed on the Su-34 allows the equipment to use weapons at several targets simultaneously. Excellent aerodynamics, large capacity internal fuel tanks, super-efficient bypass engines with a digital control system, in-flight refueling, as well as suspension of additional fuel tanks provide a flight of Su-34 long-range, approaching the range flights of strategic bombers.

Su-34 have confirmed their high combat capabilities and flight performance during the July of this year, the military exercises "Vostok-2010". When performing a combat mission aircraft for the first time made a direct flight with in-flight refueling of the European part of Russia to the Far East, followed by applying blows. There are plans to increase the combat potential of the aircraft with new aircraft weapons.

NAPO Chkalov was founded in 1931. Since 1996 is part of the holding company "Sukhoi". The company produces the latest Sukhoi Su-34, produces compartments for new regional passenger aircraft SSJ100, and also participates in the program to create a fifth-generation fighter.

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