The company Sukhoi takes the second place in the global market of new multirole fighters

TSAMTO, January 24. The share of fighters "dry" in the global market of new multirole fighters in 2000-2004. quantitatively accounted for 35.2% (in 2005-2009. — 29.5%). This is stated in a report on the global market TSAMTO fighters.

In 2000-2004. for foreign customers were supplied 240 fighter brand "Su" (in 2005-2009. — 197 pcs.). In general, the 10-year period were exported 437 cars.

With these figures the company "Sukhoi" takes the second place in the world.

In a shrinking market of China company "Sukhoi" concentrated its efforts on diversifying importers aircraft of the "Su". Competent marketing policy has provided high performance. Major contracts were signed with Malaysia, Indonesia, Algeria, Venezuela, and Vietnam. In some of these countries the company "Sukhoi" managed to win in conditions of severe competition with the leading European manufacturers of multi-role fighters. This suggests that the company "Sukhoi" managed to reverse the situation and solve the challenging task of diversifying importers of Russian fighters. In addition, continued active and effective work of the Indian market.

The first place to the supply of F-16 is the company "Lockheed Martin". The volume of deliveries in 2000-2004. amounted to 300. (44%) in 2005-2009. — 283 units. (42.4%). Total deliveries for 10 years (2000-2009). Totaled 583 cars.

Third place on the quantitative parameter is the Chinese company "Chengdu» (J-7, J-10, JF-17) — 56 units. in 2000-2004. (8.2%), and 34 units. (5.1%) in 2005-2009. (Of 90 cars).

Fourth place in the ranking of TSAMTO is a French company, "Dassault Aviation" ("Mirage 2000") — 38 units. in 2000-2004. (5.6%) and 19 units. (2.8%) in 2005-2009. (Of 57 cars).

Fifth place belongs to "Boeing» (F-15, F/A-18) — 10. (1.5%) in 2000-2004. and 40. (6%) in 2005-2009. (Of 50 cars).

RAC "MiG" is the sixth place in the ranking — 34 units. in 2000-2004. (5%), and 8 units. (1.2%) in 2005-2009. (Of 42 cars).

It should be noted that the RAC "MiG" is implementing several large export contracts to modernize the aircraft "MiG", which in this analysis does not take into account. In particular, it is a large-scale program to modernize its fleet of MiG-29 Indian Air Force (a total of 63 units. Amounting to 964 million dollars) and the Air Force of Peru (19 MiG-29 in the amount of 106 million dollars). Program of modernization and repair of MiG-29 over the last five years, implemented with Bulgaria, Hungary, Yemen, Serbia, Poland, Slovakia, Eritrea.

Seventh place is occupied by "Gripen International» — 39 units. (JAS-39 "Gripen") in 2005-2009. (5.8%).

British "BAE Systems" is the 8th — 4 units. in 2000-2004. and 24 units. in 2005-2009. (Of 28 cars).

The European consortium "Eurofighter" with fighters EF-2000 "Typhoon" is the 9 th — 23 units. in 2005-2009.

In general, the volume of world exports of new multi-role fighters in the 2000-2004 period. amounted to 682 units. (In 2005-2009. — 667 pcs.). Total deliveries for the 10-year period amounted to 1,349 vehicles.

Following the procedure TSAMTO in the category of "new" includes the supply of the new fighters, licensed programs, as well as deliveries of aircraft from the aircraft exporting countries, upgraded to the level of almost new fourth-generation fighter with an extended service life, the price at the moment of delivery is more than 50% of the the new value of the same type of aircraft at the same time.

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