The company SuperOx-Innovation has become a party of IC Skolkovo

Status of the innovation center "Skolkovo" was awarded to "SuperOx-Innovation" with the project for the development of production technology of high-temperature superconductors nano 2nd generation on the basis of physical and chemical methods.


The company "SuperOx" developed a full technological cycle of production of high-temperature superconductors 2nd generation, manufactured and commissioned original equipment on the basis of experience over the years of know-how. The company — the only one in Russia, which is developing technology HTS 2G, other than their foreign counterparts. In the basis of development of CJSC "SuperOx" in superconductivity research groups are working at the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University, led by Professor Andrew Kaul.

In 2010, "SuperOx" became a resident of a special economic zone "Dubna". At the site of the SEZ will create a pilot production of high-temperature superconductors 2nd generation capacity of 1,000 km / year.

A joint project of JSC "SuperOx" and RUSNANO "Creating a production of nanostructured superconductors and products based on them," allows you to create a cluster for the development of new devices based on the second generation of HTS tapes for use in the power industry ("smart grids"), medicine (superconducting compact scanners ), transportation (engines based on the second generation of HTS tape), and other industries. The main advantages of these devices — energy efficiency, significantly lower weight and size, and reliability (including fire safety).

According to the official website of the SEZ "Dubna"

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