The company T-Platforms intends to develop its own processor for computing ekzaflopsnogo level


The company "T-Platforms' intends to develop its own processor for computing ekzaflopsnogo level. This was announced by CEO Vsevolod Opanasenko, speaking at a seminar "Supercomputer technology ekzaflopsnogo level" at MSU. How to tell the participants, talk about such plans in the community has been going on for about six months, but no official "T-Platforms' has never been done before.

By the end of 2011, the company plans to develop a design concept for the CPU, and bring the product to market in the 4th quarter of 2013, to the materials performances Opanasenko (there are available CNews). Processor must be compatible with the micro-x-86 functional blocks integrated on one chip, including interconnect and memory may contain a large number of "light" nuclei (with a relatively low performance and low energy consumption), and the use of optical rather than electrical connections.

In developing the processor you plan to use ready-made blocks of logic domestic and foreign manufacturers. In particular, in the area of interconnect (system network linking supercomputer nodes) for such systems "T-Platforms" intends to cooperate with the University of Heidelberg (Germany). Last fall, the parties signed a memorandum of understanding on the development of interconnect for supercomputer systems, high performance range.

Now the technology is in the final stage of creating FPGA-prototype (programmable logic chips). Memorandum involves the creation of a joint venture parties in Europe to complete this development — the "T-Platforms" will finance the completion and release of a new interconnect to the market and get a stake in the joint venture. According to a source CNews, familiar with the course of the project, the amount of investment on the part of the "T-Platforms" to be around 5 million euros.

General Director of "T-Platforms' Vsevolod Opanasenko said the company plans to produce its own processors for systems ekzaflopsnyh

Also, the creation of ekzaflopsnogo processor "T-Platforms' plans to raise MSU, according to the materials performances Vsevolod Opanasenko. In the past year, we recall, the university and developer has already signed a memorandum on cooperation in the field of ekzaflopsnyh systems.

CNews questions about the supposed site of production and the processors of their own motives that prompted undertake the development of chips, "T-Platforms' refused to answer.

With ekzaflopsnyh systems is proposed to solve problems that require large-scale modeling with high accuracy. In the field of climate research, for example, such a system will predict the local impact of global climate changes. In biology ekzaflopsnye supercomputers will reduce the simulation 100 milliseconds of protein folding from three years (on petaflopsnom supercomputer) to a few seconds, and the design of nano-mechanisms from scratch. In socioeconomics supercomputers ekzaflopsnogo levels can be used to support strategic decision-making through the integration of environmental, energy and social models.

One of the consumers ekzaflopsnogo processor "T-Platforms" can become the enterprise of "Rosatom". This corporation, as previously wrote CNews, has plans to build a supercomputer ekzaflopsnogo in 2020, but, according to some experts, could face a ban of the U.S. government to supply the required CPU American development.

Note that in the U.S., as well as in Russia, one of the main drivers of supercomputers ekzaflopsnogo class is the nuclear industry. In 2011, the draft federal budget for the first time the U.S. has appeared for the cost of ekzaflopsny supercomputer — $ 126 million if the project is approved, in 2012, these funds will receive Office of Science and Nuclear Safety (NNSA) of the Ministry of Energy.

In the energy sector ekzaflopsnye system will create a qualitatively new nuclear reactors, the individual catalysts, new types of fuel. U.S. Department of Energy, for example, is considering ekzaflopsny supercomputer as a tool for ensuring the energy security of the country. With it, the Americans are planning to design nuclear power plants, explore oil and gas fields in order to increase the rate of recovery of hydrocarbons.

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